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After being available in some form since 2012, RUNNING WITH RIFLES (RWR) seems to be finally hitting it big with a sudden surge of thousands flocking to the top-down tactical shooter.

For Osumia Games, this has been a long-deserved moment in the spotlight. They've supported Linux with RWR since 2012 during the early Beta builds and it's a huge amount of fun to run around in. It's currently 80% off on Steam, which has probably helped the surge of players, however it's done the same discount multiple times in the past which did not cause much of a surge until now.

How big a change are we talking? Well, RWR usually only saw around 100-300 players. Now? It's been seeing multiple thousands with a new record set of 14,149 online on Sunday, May 16 2021.

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What caused it then? Well, it wasn't Twitch livestreams like Among Us saw, instead it looks like it might have been YouTube and specifically the Asian market with multiple videos hitting 10s of thousands of views and some in the 100s of thousands (like this one). It shows once again, how powerful a market it is and translations can really help sell a game with RWR seeing text translations to Simplified Chinese, Korean and plenty more.

You can buy RUNNING WITH RIFLES on Steam with 80% off until May 21. Also on Humble Store but no discount.

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kean May 17, 2021
Cheers, we were just about to look for the next coop game as we are about to finish Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop, which is still a super fun cross-platform coop game ;)

Last edited by kean on 18 May 2021 at 7:41 am UTC
Purple Library Guy May 17, 2021
Quoting: keanCheers, we were just about to look for the next coop game as we are about to finish Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop, which is still a super fund cross-platform coop game ;)
Super Fund? You mean it's a toxic waste cleanup site?
NovenTheHero May 17, 2021
I absolutely love this game. Reminds me of old school Infantry game from SOE in the late 90's.
wytrabbit May 17, 2021
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  • Mega Supporter
I've had it for quite a while now. It is fun but I'm just so terrible at it lol. Glad to see it's still doing well!
kean May 18, 2021
I played it yesterday with my friends, it is very enjoyable, however, I had to use proton as I have no sound in Linux, which is very disturbing :(
Also, the dedicated server setup is way too complicated, I followed the guide on steam community, but nothing, my server does not show up :(
ixnari May 18, 2021
RWR is an excellent game. My friends and I enjoy playing it quite a bit. That is, we started to AFTER we've set the difficulty down a few notches.

This is because, bafflingly, the default difficulty is set to Veteran, which is the hardest. This is not a mistake, but a conscious decision by the devs. I was the host and didn't notice this, which lead to a very boring back-and-forth between us and the AI. In the end we gave up in frustration, not even finishing the first map. Fortunately, I later spotted the difficulty setting and set it to Casual, which was leagues better for us.

If anyone is at all interested in this game and doesn't want to bounce off it in a matter of minutes, for the love of all that is holy, set it down to Casual. Teamwork and coordination are imperative and if you're anything like us, you'll be bumbling through the first few hours of the game. You WILL need that extra wiggle room, because the game is going to be challenging enough, trust me.

Oh, and be sure bring briefcases and laptops back to the armory, they unlock stuff.
14 May 22, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Pretty cool. My friends and I only played this game like one weekend. But I think it was worth it and we can always check it out again sometime.
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The comments on this article are closed.