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Paradox are continuing to expand the excellent Crusader Kings III with another free update out now, which expands the game in a few nice ways. Usually, Paradox do big feature releases free along with DLC. This time around though, it seems a bunch of the changes simply could not wait and so CKIII 1.4 is out now for all players.

Here's what's new to expect from 1.4:

  • Game rule presets can be created! You can now easily switch between different configurations depending on your mood. The last configuration is used by default for future games.
  • Character finder presets can be created. Finding future spouses, wards, councillors,... will be easier than ever! When creating a new preset, you can save almost everything! Dynamic objects however won’t be memorized (custom faiths, specific Dynasties and Houses)
  • Men at arms can be raised independently of levies, either to the first existing rally point or from a specific one. It will allow you to crush small rebellions or wage small wars without calling all your levies.
  • At game start, rulers now start with a decent amount of men at arms already hired, based on their income. Upon becoming landed, newly landed rulers will also receive men at arms.
  • Dynamic garrisons for holdings have been introduced. Garrisons now have a max and min capacity. When a siege is won, the garrison is depleted and set to its min value. Each month, the current garrison reinforces until it reaches its max capacity. The reinforcement rate is improved by upgrading the holding.
  • Unlocked the Monarch's Journey cosmetic items for all players (Hennin, Chaperon, Jester's Hat, Wizard's Beard, Miller, Miller Highlights, Jeanne d'Arc, Pageboy, and Mullet)
    • Jeanne d'Arc haircut will be used by some Frankish women
    • Mullet haircut will be used by some Scottish men
    • The Chaperon hat will be used by some Western mayors after 1300
    • The Hennin hat will be used by some Noble women after 1300
  • Added new Lifestyle events:
    • One for Learning: Scholarship
    • One for Martial: Strategy
    • An Event Chain for Martial: Authority
  • Added the Meet Peers activity for children. The activity allows them to forge relationships with other kids and maybe learn from unexpected situations. Explore a dozen new events for a more diverse childhood, allowing you to take control of your destiny.
  • Some traits have access to new Interactions and Decisions:
    • Arbitrary: can remove a hook by paying prestige and gaining Tyranny
    • Deceitful: can take a decision improving the ongoing hostile schemes if they are above the stress level 1
    • Diligent: can take a decision that will increase the development of the Capital but increase their stress
    • Forgiving: can consume a hook to lose stress and gain opinion
    • Impatient: can take a decision to immediately advance all their on going scheme if they are above the stress level 1
    • Vengeful: can fabricate hooks on their rival without unlocking the perk.
    • Wrathful: can duel criminals to enforce the punishment.
    • Irritable: can duel who they want if they are at the stress level 1 or above. It will generate dread and tyranny

What's above is only some of the bigger main additions. There's tons of balance changes, and a healthy dose of AI improvements to that should make for much more interesting games like children and grandchildren now being married off by "their liege if their liege is their parent or grandparent and is allowed to marry on their own" and all vassals can now declare war "no matter how deep down in the vassal tree they are".

The team also said to expect more news on the upcoming Royal Court expansion in the coming weeks. Check the full patch notes for all new and improved.

You can buy Crusader Kings III from the Humble Store or Steam.

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