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The original Master of Orion was certainly something special, and I personally put endless hours into the sequel. Remnants of the Precursors aims to play into your nostalgia and try to modernize the original mechanics.

It's a free and open source full game, only inspired be the original Master of Orion. You will play as one of 10 unique races and lead them to galactic domination or, if you fail, humiliation and defeat. Micromanagement is minimal and the gameplay smooth and streamlined. Earlier in June 2021 it gained a new release which focused a lot on fixing up bugs to get it into a properly releasable state. There's also a few feature updates.

Some of what's new includes (full changelog):

  • Artwork - Alkari endgame splash screens and sabotage animations are completed. There is no more race-related artwork to be done, which is a significant milestone. Petar is now working on the technology discovery images.
  • Translations - A completed German translation is now in the game.
  • System Flags - several changes related to system flags
    • You can now mousewheel back and forth through the various flag colors. Right-clicking a flag now turns it off.
    • You can now set flags for systems when using the mass transport feature on the Fleet screen.
    • You can now set flags for unexplored systems
    • On the Colony screen listing, you can now click on the flag within the table to change its value
  • AI - improved the AI with regards to trading technologies. Lopsided offers should be less frequent.
  • AI - additional and considerable changes made by /u/xilmi to the Xilmi AI
  • Text - when an alliance or pact is broken because of spying activities, the Oath Breaking notice will now include the additional text "[your spies were caught]" to better explain what happened. In addition, when you receive an oath breaking penalty from other races because of this, they won't all spam you about it. It will still be in the diplomatic incident list, of course.
  • Translations - font files can be loaded externally from the game. This will allow translators to more easily test prospective fonts
  • Empires with no trade treaties with any other empire will get a small benefit at catching spies. Consider it a bonus for being a true xenophobe. You're giving up a lot of revenue!

Right now their plan is to get a final release out in December 2021, and it seems they're going to try a Kickstarter at some point too. The main things left to do includes new artwork, AI polishing and translations.

You can find it on and GitHub for the source code.

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Purple Library Guy Jun 15, 2021
That advisor is definitely the sexiest Psilon I've ever seen.
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