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Talking point: what have you been playing recently?

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It's coming to the end of another week so let's all catch up in the comments about what you've been playing recently.

For me, I recently got back into a game called Devader. It's not the most well-known title and the developer Falkenbrew isn't exactly a big name either. Devader is a twin-stick shooter and a thoroughly bizarre one too. It might, in fact, be one of the most insane top-down games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The enemy designs are absolutely wild and you can see some of that on the developer's Imgur. If you want something crazy, definitely try it out.

You can actually pick up Devader on Steam with 70% off until July 7.

I also have to admit how thoroughly impressed I was with Death Trash, which had a demo put up on Steam for Steam Next Fest 2021. Quite easily my favourite game from it overall. The demo is still available and I highly recommend it, although only with mouse and keyboard for now as the gamepad has some issues currently. You can see some footage on Linux during a recently livestream:

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Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing? Can you recommend others pick it up? Tell us all.

We'll be back to our regular news again tomorrow after a restful weekend!

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Nibelheim Jun 27, 2021
I'm trying to 100% Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Works like a charm under Proton.
gradyvuckovic Jun 27, 2021
I've been playing BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE!

And it's awesome! Love the music, one of the better fps games I've ever played. I just wish there was 'more' in the game.
Kuduzkehpan Jun 27, 2021
Last Epoch still in beta yet quite enjoyable. not so rich content but better end game rather than poe.
Tom Clancy's The Division™ i login time to time and catch some global events. For new classified gears quite enjoyable with tons of visuals. And has lot of DLC. division 2 may run on linux if we solve eac issues.
but not this days..
axredneck Jun 27, 2021
Some wads for Doom with GZDoom as always, also some clicker/idle games.
peta77 Jun 27, 2021
Well this isn't just about last week...

Finished Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the main story, a while ago (Origins and Odyssey run very well on Proton!). Becomes very repetitive at the end, so lacked the motivation to go through the DLCs as even the beginning looked pretty similar, just a different map.

Then started to go through my list on steam, as the number of unplayed but interesting titles grew larger and larger...

Tomb Raider Underworld: Nice old one, runs fine in Proton if you switch of anti-aliasing, but way too buggy. Could have been much more fun otherwise.

Tomb Raider Anniversary: Played a third or so of it, then got annoyed by bats that take half a magazine, crazy boss fight, etc., so abandoned it.

Control Ultimate Edition: Very interesting story, not the usual stuff, was lots of fun to play. And also very good performance on Proton. The fight's can get pretty intense, but there's an easy mode, so you can focus on the story if you prefer that.

State of Mind: Also one with a very interesting story. Though: I hate low poly graphics. And considering the graphics it was horrible to see how much GPU it needed to display that. Disappointing, but only by the performance / efficiency of the engine. Other than that, it's a good game.

Now I started Everreach: Project Eden. The controls behave a bit weird (well looks like a direct console port) and by the landscape you can't see where you're able to go or not. It's not depending on the slope of the ground but there's weird invisible walls so you need to look at the map very often, especially in narrow regions...
But story wise it already looks very interesting and so far I like it.
One of the developers / game designers worked on the Mass Effect Triology before and you clearly see that in the game. Im only 20% in but I'd say it could easily be some kind of prequel to the Mass Effect Triology. Even some menu items, the mouse pointer, etc. look pretty familiar.
denyasis Jun 27, 2021
Quoting: EikeI avoid starting all those big RPGs at the moment due to lack of time. Is it still fun? I think I would forget all the rules, tactics, story, ...

It is! I may be in a slightly different circumstances in that I have little time, but what I do have is regular. Forgetting isn't really a concern. Wasteland 2 is pretty linear story wise and the mechanics are pretty simple/intuitive, so I haven't felt like I'm forgetting anything even if it's been a week or so. It's pretty fun so far, the atmosphere and humor are great so far.

On the other hand, getting into a game can be a problem, especially if it is the type that require time investment to do things (think you're epic TBS or Kerbal Space Program).
Anza Jun 27, 2021
Some leftover demos from the festival where the demos were still available and Railway Empire

With Railway Empire I have gotten little bit of frustrating point where better planning starts to be necessary, I haven't just necessarily found out all the best ways to do things. Signalling seems to be bit simplistic compared to OpenTTD, but scenarios are fun so far. It was in Humble Choice quite while back and I finally chose it and activated the license. I it seems I was right that I might spend quite several hours with it.

As for demos, all thee seem to have still the demo available. Vagabond Starship is adventure game that's mashup between sci-fi and fantasy tropes. It's at least mildly funny and some of the puzzles seem to give some challenge (which might be the reason why I didn't finish it). Seems to need some more polish still.

Tiny Planet Protectors. Name does explain the premise the game quite clearly. I got confused right at the second planet. Maybe vacuuming planets clean of everything is not enough. How the astronaut waters plants is quite creative though.

Bots Are Stupid. This one is platformer merged with a programming game. Practically lot of time can go into figuring out how long the bot has to wait until next action should be started (luckily I learned that instead of seconds, you can also wait frames). There's plenty of wait while and wait until constructs, but they don't cover all the scenarios. Cool concept though.
syylk Jun 27, 2021
I've been away from my gaming rig these days, but usually my lineup is:

- EVE Online
- Grand Theft Auto Online
- Valheim
- Shakes & Fidget
- Villagers & Heroes
- Elite Dangerous

(And only Valheim is native. I used to play more native games, the Tomb Raiders, the Borderlands, ETS...)
TapocoL Jun 27, 2021

Finished LUNA The Shadow Dust this week with my daughter. Good game that had fun puzzles. The outro cinematic was a little tough for my five year old though.

Been focused on getting achievements with my online gaming group on Factorio. Just a great game, that I just keep coming back to for several hour play-throughs.

Golf with your Friends is another game we are focused on achievements.

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE just picked this up to get back into some VR. Also, played Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with my son. Really fun to learn how to communicate with each other strategically through that game.

Rocket League. I guess this still hasn't been completely blocked on Linux (through Proton) with their potential anti-cheat. Still a really fun game.

Griftlands Picked this up from the summer sale. Just started getting into. So far, seems like another good title into the Deckbuilder. Has some good changes to the way you play vs other deckbuilders, that give it a fresh change from all my time on Slay the Spire and Monster Train.

Heroes of Might & Magic III. No matter what games I try (Age of Wonders, newer HOMM titles, etc), nothing has been able to replace this specific iteration in the series. I haven't been able to get VCMI working (at least I am getting a bad crash during Campaign map selection). So, just playing with WINE on the HOMM III Complete Edition.

Starcraft II. Another game that no RTS has been able to replace for me. There are some upcoming ones I am excited about, but nothing so far has replaced this game for me. So, I am a little skeptic. We will see if Frost Giant Studios (former SC2 devs) will be able to make the next RTS that can replace Starcraft II for me.
RossBC Jun 27, 2021
Have been playing Phantom Brigade, it's reasonably fun but it still has a way to go before it leaves early access most of the work done so far has been combat related. The combat is really good.

Started a new run of The Darkest Dungeon, figure this time i'll get further ahaha.

Was playing Elex for a bit, after 30 hours and still not knowing what I was doing in the game, ended up benching it.
It's a bit rough around the edges, and reasonably hard, great game if your a sucker for punishment.
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