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Talking point: what have you been playing recently?

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It's coming to the end of another week so let's all catch up in the comments about what you've been playing recently.

For me, I recently got back into a game called Devader. It's not the most well-known title and the developer Falkenbrew isn't exactly a big name either. Devader is a twin-stick shooter and a thoroughly bizarre one too. It might, in fact, be one of the most insane top-down games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The enemy designs are absolutely wild and you can see some of that on the developer's Imgur. If you want something crazy, definitely try it out.

You can actually pick up Devader on Steam with 70% off until July 7.

I also have to admit how thoroughly impressed I was with Death Trash, which had a demo put up on Steam for Steam Next Fest 2021. Quite easily my favourite game from it overall. The demo is still available and I highly recommend it, although only with mouse and keyboard for now as the gamepad has some issues currently. You can see some footage on Linux during a recently livestream:

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Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing? Can you recommend others pick it up? Tell us all.

We'll be back to our regular news again tomorrow after a restful weekend!

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Philadelphus Jun 28, 2021
A friend introduced me to CrossCode back in April or so which I picked up in May, and I've been absolutely loving it (despite action-adventure RPGs not normally being my "thing")—this is seriously one of the best stories I've experienced in a game. And the twists are what make it great, so I can't even gush about the plot. I guess I can applaud the devs for adding some very comprehensive difficulty sliders to make their game more accessible to more people (it's got quite a high skill ceiling and is not easy at the default) and having a native Linux version.
toojays Jun 28, 2021
I've almost finished a point and click adventure called Lost Horizons (via Proton). It's an Indiana Jones kind of thing - stop the Nazis from unlocking the power of an ancient Tibetan artifact. It's well produced and a decent plot, but I am spending a fair bit of time trying to click every inventory item on every other thing to progress the story. Typical of this genre I suppose.
MayeulC Jun 28, 2021
Quoting: grigiMy son is playing Factorio with me. It's the first computer game he actually enjoys :-)
Been playing that, and pretty much only that the last two months!

I feel you. I've mostly been playing Mindustry lately, alone and with friends. I have a lot on my backlog though, half-started, half-finished. I think I'm going to go back and try to finish Bayonetta and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice next. Nier: Automata too :P

Also some local co-op games when I have some friends over: Boomerang-Fu was a pleasant surprise from the Humble Choice. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Magicka 2. It's a shame Halo MCC doesn't have splitscreen, but I'll revisit the campaign now that there's a workaround for achievements.
MayeulC Jun 28, 2021
Quoting: TapocoLRecently,

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE just picked this up to get back into some VR.

How is it? Reviews seemed to be rather mixed.
jarhead_h Jun 28, 2021
The Saboteur. Tron2.0. Warcraft 1&2. Outlaws. Couldn't get Crusader: No Remorse working on my laptop, but I've already got too many games on the main rig. Haven't played it since the 90's so I'll install it after I clear a few.

I did not remember Warcraft 1 being THAT clunky. But hey, Intel Core2Duo + Intel onbard graphics can mostly handle DOS era games via DOSBox.

I think from here I'm going to finish Steelrats, start Cloudpunk, and finish Overload. Then Aragami. Then Lena's Inception.

Oh, and I fired up Farcry 4. It's much better than I remembered it, but it still somehow manages not to be as engaging as FC3.
TapocoL Jul 1, 2021
Quoting: MayeulC
Quoting: TapocoLRecently,

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE just picked this up to get back into some VR.

How is it? Reviews seemed to be rather mixed.

Mixed from me so far as well. I have played through the regular version a few years ago. My feeling so far is that I would just rather go back to keyboard/mouse/monitor. It could be more that I am used to those controls and I feel handicapped with VR. Plus since it is mainly just a port, a game like Half Life: Alyx where the game was built specifically for VR is just a way better VR experience. Not that comparable of game style, but is the most recent VR game I played.
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