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What have you been tapping play on recently? Let us know

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It has again been a while since we ask you, our wonderful community about your gaming picks recently, so let's have another chat in the comments. Sunday for a lot of people is a time for rest, relaxation and plenty of gaming!

Before you jump down to that comments box, here's what I've been playing plenty of recently.

It might come as no surprise but I've been diving into plenty of Half-Life: Alyx. Still not completed it yet, as it's been a regular slot in our Twitch livestreams (come follow us!). Mind-blowing is pretty much an understatement on how excellent it really is. Given how SteamVR on Linux is still quite rough, it's been very stable too - with one single hard lock up during my current 16 hour time spent in it. There's so much to enjoy about it I don't know where to start and end talking about it.

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With such an experience it's pretty overloading, there's so many things I've missed that's going to need another play-through to catch all the details put into it. I'm constantly discovering small details that really make it great.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing and is it any good?

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  • Supporter Plus
Some Anno 1800 for me (what a pain to get it to work, with some unholy combination of EGS and Ubisoft Connect).

Also Control, the Dark Forces / Jedi Knight series (currently at the end of Dark Forces II) and Inferno - Beyond the 7th Circle.
All very recommendable.
einherjar 6 Jun
I played Mass Effect: Andromeda

But honestly, after 17 hours I stopped playing. The game is boring, the characters are pale and faceless - simply boring. The story telling is mediocre at best. The missions are repetitive and again - boring. Fetch this, bring it to there blah blah and the mates are so uninteresting that I would give a fuck if they die.
Compared to Deus Ex or The Witcher series, this one is anything but a good story game for me.

The game and the setting could have great potential, but I was very disappointed.

The Mass Effect games are all hyped for the great story telling - this was my first try of a Mass Effect game and I am happy, that it only was about 8€ for me.

At least it looked great and I had a few hours of fun.
axredneck 6 Jun
Some wads for Doom: DBP26: The City of Damned Children, Duck2: Nuclear Chaos in Thesnik Town, DBP32: Tomatomania!
ageres 6 Jun
Stubbs the Zombie that is available in current Humble Choice. I played it in 2005 and enjoyed it. A fun and unique game, its level design has problems though. I'm going to play Panzer Paladin next.
Mortalhys 6 Jun
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  • Supporter Plus
Elder Scrolls Online (Proton) - Currently my go-to game. I love the lore, the gameplay, the characters. It's just the perfect gaming experience for me right now.

Crusader Kings III (Native) - I just love Paradox Dev Studio games. Crusader Kings III is my current favorite. Whenever that grand strategy itch hits, this is my game.

X4: Foundations (Native) - Just diving into this one. I used to play the earlier titles of this series and X4 seems like it could be able to draw me back in.
blenux 6 Jun

Star Citizen


Dragonball Legends

CarX Drift Racing 2
toivop 6 Jun
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  • Supporter Plus
I've been playing Griftlanfs, a deck builder RPG elements. I've done 10 hours and it's been pretty good so far
toojays 6 Jun
Haven't had much time for games lately, but am about 2/3 through XCOM: Chimera Squad. It's pretty fun, simpler than XCOM 2 and hence easier to just dip into and do one mission in an evening. I also like the fact that the soldiers are unique and have their own banter. Reminds me of Jagged Alliance 2 in that way.

I've also played a few hours of Metro Exodus after picking it up in last month's Humble Choice. Enjoying it so far.
kokoko3k 6 Jun
Finished anna's quest with my 8 year's old doughter.
Also i'm tempted to start LiS before the storm with her.
Apart from harsh language and drug use, not a problem for me/her, is there something i should pay attention to?

And still on borderlands 3, first run, near the end i think.
I plan to replay it just for the DLC'S I skipped by now.

Last edited by kokoko3k on 6 June 2021 at 11:41 am UTC
Keyrock 6 Jun
Griftlands, it's bloody fantastic. The amount of depth to this deck builder is mind boggling. Each of the 3 characters you can play as plays very differently from the others and there is a lot of different ways to build each of their decks and augment their play style. The setting is great too, it sort of feels like Star Wars if Star Wars focused on the interesting colorful characters that frequent places like the Mos Eisley cantina rather than the stupid boring space wizards with laser swords.

Last edited by Keyrock on 6 June 2021 at 11:57 am UTC
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