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What have you been tapping play on recently? Let us know

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It has again been a while since we ask you, our wonderful community about your gaming picks recently, so let's have another chat in the comments. Sunday for a lot of people is a time for rest, relaxation and plenty of gaming!

Before you jump down to that comments box, here's what I've been playing plenty of recently.

It might come as no surprise but I've been diving into plenty of Half-Life: Alyx. Still not completed it yet, as it's been a regular slot in our Twitch livestreams (come follow us!). Mind-blowing is pretty much an understatement on how excellent it really is. Given how SteamVR on Linux is still quite rough, it's been very stable too - with one single hard lock up during my current 16 hour time spent in it. There's so much to enjoy about it I don't know where to start and end talking about it.

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With such an experience it's pretty overloading, there's so many things I've missed that's going to need another play-through to catch all the details put into it. I'm constantly discovering small details that really make it great.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing and is it any good?

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İt was random weekend for me with
Metro exodus, witcher 3 solo
LoL with team.
Albion online with friends
Titanfall 2 mp frontier defence. ( İ missed my giants..)

And star citizen thanks LUG community that help me with custom runner.
İts works like a charm. And will be my next primary game
Kalua 6 Jun
I just finished Syberia 1 and now I started with Elex and Avernum: Escape from the Pit. But maybe I will start and finish Syberia 2 before diving deeper into Elex & Avernum.
Felix 6 Jun
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
The game is simply gorgeous, whoever was in charge of making the environments should get a medal. I live in roughly the same geographical latitude as the game is set in and it feels REAL. I've been to places that look exactly like those environments just by walking a few miles out of town. The story is pretty much a historical drama and as such your enjoyment of it will depend on how much you like the genre. At first I was intimidated by the resource based save system, but there are plenty enough auto-saves, beds that act as save points and the resource itself is easy enough to find/buy/steal/craft that it was never a real problem. I oft see the combat system described as 'clunky', but frankly that's just a consequence of you starting as an untrained peasant and everyone else simply being better than you, so any engagement needs to be thought through. As your skill rises and you face off with opponents of similar capabilities the combat becomes quite satisfying and you start feeling like a proper duelling knight. Duelling being the key word here as rushing multiple opponents at once is still a dangerous affair keeping the combat interesting well into the late game, but I can see how it might frustrate someone looking for the 'Big Damn Hero(tm)' experience.
CatKiller 6 Jun
mirv 6 Jun
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The only game I've had time for recently is Hive Time, and I haven't so much been playing as watching the bees go about their work. Hopefully in a couple of months I'll have time to hit the backlog a little bit: Total War: Rome Remastered, Encodya, Battletech, Vaporum: Lockdown.
Almost finished Star Trek - Elite Forces (Disc ver) , also working through Hexen: Beyond Heretic.
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Stadia

This game has been a gem for my crew. We have clan. We are all lvl 30 and currently on World Tier 5. We don't plan on getting any DLC but for now everyone seems to be happy with this one. Been playing it on my main gaming rig running Ubuntu Mate 20.04, Gazelle 17 Pro laptop and my android all via gamepad it' great.

Shadowgate - GOG

Ended this one and got all of the endings. I loved this game. The music. The art. The voice acting. The hint system. The setting and atmosphere was excellent. I also like how the game is very short so you're left with a feeling of reading a short story. I need more games like this.

Tonight We Riot -

My wife and I ended this one awhile back but we struggle to get all gold on it. Finally did it recently. A friend of mine stopped by and we introduced it to her and she loved it. Had a good time going through the game with her. I think we made her a GOG customer too.

Starward Rogue - Direct from Devs

Recently ended this one for the first time and it's fucking great. It's going to be added to my must install list when building new rigs.
Eike 6 Jun
I played Lucy Dreaming Demo for over 5 hours, and still didn't find the easter egg for the competition. :D
pageround 6 Jun
Solasta most of the week and a little Valheim yesterday. Solasta is pretty good so far 😁
dvd 6 Jun
Dead Cells and CS:GO, finally made it past 3-cell. The new update made the game easier i think (at least for my playstyle). Now i'm back to using my dead time farming cells for the final forge upgrade and some blueprints i'm missing.
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