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What have you been tapping play on recently? Let us know

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It has again been a while since we ask you, our wonderful community about your gaming picks recently, so let's have another chat in the comments. Sunday for a lot of people is a time for rest, relaxation and plenty of gaming!

Before you jump down to that comments box, here's what I've been playing plenty of recently.

It might come as no surprise but I've been diving into plenty of Half-Life: Alyx. Still not completed it yet, as it's been a regular slot in our Twitch livestreams (come follow us!). Mind-blowing is pretty much an understatement on how excellent it really is. Given how SteamVR on Linux is still quite rough, it's been very stable too - with one single hard lock up during my current 16 hour time spent in it. There's so much to enjoy about it I don't know where to start and end talking about it.

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With such an experience it's pretty overloading, there's so many things I've missed that's going to need another play-through to catch all the details put into it. I'm constantly discovering small details that really make it great.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing and is it any good?

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Eli 6 Jun, 2021
Borderlands 3 on Stadia using Fedora 34. God bless! :3
Raaben 6 Jun, 2021
Was gifted Outward via a friend of someone who works with NDS - good janky fun and I heard through that grapevine (of course I had to press :P ) that they are definitely wanting to support Linux next time, so we'll see if that ends up true.

Finally caught up on FFXIV again. Getting nervous that the new launcher is still borked in WINE/Proton when they are ditching the old one soon, assuming with this upcoming xpac.

Other than that I've been busy and not doing much aside from the random TF2 or Underlords match to kill some time, both still pretty fun and working well despite being abandoned.
Julius 6 Jun, 2021
Played a bit of Hellpoint since I got it through the Humble Choice. Seems decent enough.

Otherwise a round of Jupiter Hell is always fun.

Hmm... coincidence that both have "hell" in their name? ;)
ghiuma 6 Jun, 2021
Mass effect legendary edition (Proton-6.8-GE-2), absurd how well it works, were it not for Origin, despite Origin the games all run as natives...
Free_gamer 6 Jun, 2021
Euro Truck Simulator 2 told myself that I only get the base game when it was on sale last week. Well so far I've bought pretty much all of the map DLC. 😅
Expalphalog 6 Jun, 2021
Tales of Vesperia because I was nutty about Tales of Symphonia on Wii when it came out. Vesperia is a far weaker game. The combat is alright but the storyline is completely nonsensical and I don't think that the people they hired to do localization actually speak English. It's like it was run through Google Translate. It's full of random crap like people being shocked to hear information that they had already heard three times in the last few minutes or, in my favorite case so far, a side character telling her boss to say hello to the prince for her even though she was the one going to see the prince and he was the one not going.

Also Rocket League because it's the only game we have found that I can play with my friends, one of whom is on PS5, one on PS4, and one on Switch so I will likely never stop playing that.
fredebec 6 Jun, 2021
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I finished Cryng Suns (Epic Games with Proton, through the Heroic Launcher), good gameplay and very good SF story.

Now playing Spiritfarer, it is very nice so far.
buono 6 Jun, 2021
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I have been playing HL:Alyx with the campaign + mod, which I can't recommend enough. You do have to use Proton though to make it work.

We have started decorating now so the little space I have for VR is now packed with furniture

So have picked up Metro Exodus again, looks like I'm going to get the 'bad ending' again this time.
denyasis 6 Jun, 2021
Wasteland 2. I've kinda found a lot of the "epic" party RPG'S (bioware and co.) to be fairly boring or frustrating, but I figured I'd give it a try with a different theme and developer.

Funny as I figure those would be right up my alley, but outside of Planescape: Torment, I've never finished one. I have finished Fallout though, so I'm giving Wasteland 2 a try.

Also just finished X:com Enemy Within. Very good game. Kinda has me searching for something similar, perhaps a little more strategic
InhaleOblivion 6 Jun, 2021
Metro Exodus Solid game, great atmosphere. Enjoying the recent native Linux support they added.

City of Heroes: Homecoming(Lutris and Wine) Gives that nostalgic MMO feeling. Still has a ton of players. Even better with all the updated gear and archetypes.

Diablo 3(Lutris and Wine) When I want to get that dumbed down ARPG fix. Might go back to Path of Exile eventually though.
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