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s&box is the upcoming game from Facepunch Studios that acts as a sequel to Garry's Mod although it won't actually be Garry's Mod 2. Recently Facepunch were asked about Linux support since it uses Valve's Source 2 game engine.

Speaking on the GitHub request, as expected the idea was shot down by Garry Newman directly who said:

No plans to support Linux natively. While the deck is good to support - I've tested it and it works great. Could it run better if it was native and using vulkan? Probably. But it would also run better if you format it and install Windows on it too.

Any support for Linux outside of it running on the deck is incidental, it isn't supported officially.

So it's going to entirely rely on Steam Play Proton for the Steam Deck (like most other major games will) and it won't be supported in any way on Linux outside of being used on the Steam Deck.

It's not exactly a shock to know, considering Garry's previous comments about supporting Linux directly, along with the removal of the native version of Rust (which should work in Proton in future). The question though: is it a problem that they won't support it outside the Steam Deck? No. Well, not unless Valve support Proton differently than they do right now it shouldn't actually be a problem. Proton should work the same on the Steam Deck as it does for normal Linux distributions right now.

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kuhpunkt Aug 13, 2021
inb4 pitchforks
1xok Aug 13, 2021
Installing Windows on it will hardly make it better. With a bit of luck, AMD and Valve will have the drivers for Windows 11 ready by December. But I wouldn't expect a leap in performance from this alternative. W11 doesn't even officially support devices with screens smaller than 9 inches. To make a long story short: The Steam Deck supports Windows so that Valve can tick the "It's a PC" checkbox.

If Microsoft allowed Windows to replace the Xbox's system software, it almost certainly wouldn't give the games a performance boost on the Xbox either.

Last edited by 1xok on 13 August 2021 at 1:49 pm UTC
Alm888 Aug 13, 2021
"Just Use Proton"++

AFAICA, this translates into "Give us your money while we do nothing to support Linux". Sounds like a plan to me.
BTRE Aug 13, 2021
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  • Contributing Editor
I see that Gary is still his usual lovely self. I look forward to the day where the opinion of some developer who has a chip on his shoulder regarding Linux is no longer news worthy.
BielFPs Aug 13, 2021
Quoting: BTREI see that Gary is still his usual lovely self. I look forward to the day where the opinion of some developer who has a chip on his shoulder regarding Linux is no longer news worthy.

While I think his on his right to shit Linux if he wants, I agree his Windows only game shouldn't have a spotlight in this page.

Like the God of War series, I'm glad this isn't a game I would want to play so I'm happy this lack of support wont affect me :)
CatKiller Aug 13, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: GuestTypical deflectionary response from someone who probably has a lot of creative talent but is either too intellectually lazy or unksilled technically to think outside of his comfort zone.

There are an untold number of game devs that never consider or mention Linux at all. Garry isn't one of those: he specifically lashes out about it.

My strong suspicion is that he did actually try Linux at some point, but then went all Windows Power User and messed it all up. Since it couldn't have possibly been his mistake (because he knows that he does computers good), it must be Linux that's to blame. It's a fairly standard pattern.
Lofty Aug 13, 2021
Quoting: GuestWhy are you guys angry at this developer? "No support at all" is the Proton way!

It's not anger, it's merely observational. But i appreciate the satire of your comment and i kind of agree. we can't just rely on proton for Linux gaming.
AsciiWolf Aug 13, 2021
  • Supporter Plus
Yeah, typical Garry Newman as always. He has been spreading anti-Linux hate for years...
Liam Dawe Aug 13, 2021
Let's be sure our comment section doesn't turn into Reddit though please, like Garry clearly noticed. It's fine to air disappointment and concerns, but let's be clear that any personal attacks and name calling just aren't welcome here. I haven't had to delete any yet, but there's simply no need for name calling - don't make me edit posts please.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 13 August 2021 at 3:02 pm UTC
BielFPs Aug 13, 2021
Quoting: Liam DaweLet's be sure our comment section doesn't turn into Reddit though

We can also change the subject entirely and turn into Phoronix
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The comments on this article are closed.