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s&box is the upcoming game from Facepunch Studios that acts as a sequel to Garry's Mod although it won't actually be Garry's Mod 2. Recently Facepunch were asked about Linux support since it uses Valve's Source 2 game engine.

Speaking on the GitHub request, as expected the idea was shot down by Garry Newman directly who said:

No plans to support Linux natively. While the deck is good to support - I've tested it and it works great. Could it run better if it was native and using vulkan? Probably. But it would also run better if you format it and install Windows on it too.

Any support for Linux outside of it running on the deck is incidental, it isn't supported officially.

So it's going to entirely rely on Steam Play Proton for the Steam Deck (like most other major games will) and it won't be supported in any way on Linux outside of being used on the Steam Deck.

It's not exactly a shock to know, considering Garry's previous comments about supporting Linux directly, along with the removal of the native version of Rust (which should work in Proton in future). The question though: is it a problem that they won't support it outside the Steam Deck? No. Well, not unless Valve support Proton differently than they do right now it shouldn't actually be a problem. Proton should work the same on the Steam Deck as it does for normal Linux distributions right now.

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BielFPs 13 Aug
Quoting: Liam DaweLet's be sure our comment section doesn't turn into Reddit though

We can also change the subject entirely and turn into Phoronix
FGarden 13 Aug
Commercial engines support, SDL2, FNA, Vulkan, WINE/Proton, DXVK/DXVK native... Many options to offer some sort of Linux support on your game and yet some developers don't want to even hear about this.

No point trying to persuade them. If the Steam Deck is a massive success the numbers will eventually speak for themselves. Only then some developers might start considering Linux compatibility at day zero and adjusting their tools accordingly.

This is why Valve went with the compatibility layer strategy and I'm convinced it is the only way to reach a critical mass. Success is not guaranteed of course, so we're better enjoy the ride and not care so much about a developer saying nasty things like telling someone to install Windows.
Hori 13 Aug
If you think about it... Proton games should cost less because you don't get support, so why pay for that?

Or actually the cut that Valve takes should be dependent on whether it is a native game or not.
I'm usually againsy the 30% cut but when it comes to Proton I think Valve entirely deserves every penny.

Ofc it's never going to happen but... food for thought.

Last edited by Hori on 13 August 2021 at 4:14 pm UTC
Lanz 13 Aug
I wouldn't buy any Facepunch game. No reason to support a studio that is openly hostile to non-proprietary operating systems.
BielFPs 13 Aug
Quoting: HoriIf you think about it... Proton games should cost less because you don't get support, so why pay for that?
This doesn't make sense, there is no such a thing as "Proton games". What we have is Windows only games, advertised by the developers as such, that may or may not work on Linux using proton. Making then "cost less" because of Proton would mean developers also profiting less, which would be a very good reason for them to not support at all.

What Valve could do is charging less than 30% for native Linux games, which also wouldn't make sense because they profit from Windows games too, which btw is 99% of where their profit comes from.
CatKiller 13 Aug
Quoting: HoriIf you think about it... Proton games should cost less because you don't get support, so why pay for that?
I mean... I don't. I'm pretty sure everyone's tired of me saying so. It would be good for someone from the mainstream gaming press to strongly suggest specifically waiting for a deep sale before buying a game for the Deck from a developer that won't support it. "We didn't bother to test, and we won't fix any problems you have. Money up front." is terrible customer service by any measure.
Kimyrielle 13 Aug
The great thing about Proton is -exactly- that we no longer have to care about what people like him are thinking about Linux.
sarmad 13 Aug
"But it would also run better if you format it and install Windows on it too."

What an idiotic comment!
g000h 13 Aug
Back in the day, I used to play lots of RUST when it had a native Linux version. Then the Linux version got cancelled, and I continued playing for a couple of months, using Proton. Almost immediately the Rust servers (which coincidentally run on Linux and Windows) stopped allowing Proton players to access servers (even private servers) because of Easy Anti-Cheat.

The default server settings (for private servers) could have been set to default to EAC off (and if the admin wanted to turn it on, then they could). But no, Facepunch made EAC default to being on, and admins would have to actively turn it off in order to let Linux (Proton) people play. As such there was nowhere for Linux players to go. Might I add - Linux players who had PAID for the game when it supported Linux.

I have two thoughts about the EAC "on" decision:

- Maybe some hostility to Linux players contributed to the decision.

- The laughable belief (by management at FP) that 1% of the gaming population (Linux players) were the game-hacking cheaters spoiling the game for others. Well, I can see from various recent Youtube videos that despite kicking Linux players off the game, there are still plenty of cheaters around (using Aimbot, Flyhack, Speed Hack, Super Jump Hack, etc).

Finishing off with this - As well as cancelling PAYING players by getting rid of native Linux version, and preventing Proton from working - FP has been "taking" from Linux all this time. Most of the servers running RUST are Linux servers, and the reason they are Linux servers - Because they cost less to run in the cloud without Microsoft Windows licences.

Yeah, definitely a company to be avoided, methinks.
DarkVantage 13 Aug
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  • Supporter
If I spoke publicly with as much contempt for a potential customer segment as Garry did, I'd be rightly fired from my job. It's one thing to say, "We don't plan native support for Linux." It's another to thumb your nose at people who might otherwise be fans of your work for no reason whatsoever.

I bought Garry's Mod. I won't buy this even if it does work on Proton.

Last edited by DarkVantage on 13 August 2021 at 9:39 pm UTC
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