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Europa Universalis IV: Origins is out along with a big free update

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Europa Universalis IV: Origins is a new "Immersion Pack" available now as a paid DLC for Paradox's popular historical strategy game and the 1.32 Songhai free update is also live.

From the trading ports on the eastern coast to the gold mines of Mali, early modern Africa was a continent of rich kingdoms and cultural variety. Now, Europa Universalis IV: Origins brings this history to vivid life with new missions, events and regional flavour. You can check out the release trailer below:

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Here's what to expect from it:

  • Jewish Religion: The Ethiopian Jews of Beta Israel are included, and Jewish nations can choose from nine religious characteristics to accentuate their national strengths, with new flavor events.
  • Missions for Mali: Halt the decline of West Africa’s greatest medieval empire and reassert control of former vassals.
  • Missions for Songhai: Develop your provinces and claim the mantles of Mali and Timbuktu as the new rising power.
  • Missions for Kongo: Unite the peoples of the Congo River and confront the growing European threat.
  • Missions for Ethiopia: Ensure religious unity and prestige in the Kingdom of Solomon while unifying the nations of the African Horn. Also adds the noble Ç̌äwa regiments.
  • Missions for Ajuuraan: Control Indian Ocean trade and bring water to your desert provinces.
  • Missions for Kilwa: Focus on naval economic power, establishing a colonial empire across the seas.
  • Missions for Mutapa: Build on the legacy of the founders of Great Zimbabwe and exploit the riches of South Africa to dominate trade.
  • Minor Mission Additions: New mission options for Jolof, Mossi, Hausa, Oyo and Adal.
  • New Regional Mission Trees: New Missions for minor powers in Central, East and West Africa, and the African Horn, as well as new estate privileges for many nations and regions.
  • New Army Sprites: 4 new army sprites each for Congo, Great Lakes, Southern Africa and Bantu nations
  • Two New Missionary models: African Coptic and African Fetishist missionary animations added.
  • New Music: 12 minutes of new West African themed music, and 12 minutes of new East African themed music.

As for the new free 1.32 Songhai update that's available for all players (DLC not required), here's the major points to expect from it when booting up:

  • Added 9 new government reforms for African countries.
  • Added 8 additional free estate privileges.
  • Added 7 new formable countries (Israel, Aksumite Empire, Great Zimbabwe, Kitara, Nubia, Somalia and Rozwi).
  • Reworked 3 already existing formable countries (Mossi, Hausa, Sokoto).
  • Reworked 4 already existing countries as reformables (Mali, Macina, Kongo and Ethiopia).
  • Added 1 spawnable country: Zulu.
  • Added new sets of ideas for all the new formable countries (except for Rozwi), Jolof, Oyo, Adal, Kilwa, and generic for Horn of Africa countries.
  • Added 52 new monuments for Leviathan DLC owners.

Paradox also worked on the performance of the game with this update too, fixing a bunch of degradation that was introduced in the previous Leviathan release and some other misc upgrades to make it smoother.

You can buy Europa Universalis IV from Humble Store and Steam.

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Redje Nov 11, 2021
I hope the launch of this DLC won’t be such an disaster as last DLC.
I’ve played this game so much since the Launch back in august 2013.
I think Paradox should only focus on bug fixes and flavor DLC moving forwards with EU4.

The game is getting quite outdated now. It’s time for Paradox to move on to EU5.

Last edited by Redje on 11 November 2021 at 10:17 am UTC
mao_dze_dun Nov 12, 2021
Yet another badly received DHL, it seems, judging by the Steam reviews.
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The comments on this article are closed.