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Paradox launch a DLC subscription option for Hearts of Iron IV

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Games from Paradox Interactive after a while end up building up quite a lot of DLC, it's how they support their games for so long but it's quite daunting for new players - perhaps this new subscription for Hearts of Iron IV may help.

What they've done on Steam is add a new Hearts of Iron IV - Expansion Subscription which for a monthly, 3-monthly or yearly fee gives you access to the entire DLC collection for the game. It includes all the main expansions, plus the smaller DLC packs. Considering there's 16, it might not be a bad deal since it includes all future DLC. If you stop the subscription, you then lose access.

Paradox has no plans to switch to this style completely, as it's just an additional option available for their existing games. This isn't the first time they've added a subscription option, with Crusader Kings II also having one although that game does have quite a lot more DLC available and the base game is free.

Also, Paradox announced a new Career Profile screen for Hearts of Iron IV that will be available that looks something like this:

You can buy Hearts of Iron IV on Humble Store and Steam.

How long before we see some kind of Paradox Pass to get all their games and DLC under a single subscription? I certainly wouldn't count it out.

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Redje Feb 17, 2022
I really love a lot of games from paradox dev studio….

But I believe this is an terrible direction that paradox is taking here.
They could also just release a big bundle of DLCs for a big price reduction.
But no, they choose to take the subscription path were you own nothing, pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Just no, there are already more then enough subscription services that try to rip you off.
BlackBloodRum Feb 17, 2022
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Hmm, how does this one work? Is it like a game pass?

What I mean to ask, once your subscription ends, does the DLC that was released during your active subscription remain on your account like a game pass?

Or does it get removed?

If it stays on your account, I could see it being worthwhile.

If I remember correctly, this is the team behind the City Skyline GT-R city building games, if so that ones DLC could sure use this.
pb Feb 17, 2022
I'm not a fan of this model but it's not entirely terrible. If one has a base game from a dollar bundle, and then throws $5 on top of it, they get the whole package for a month. Of course if someone plans on spending thousands of hours in the game, it will make more sense to buy and own the DLCs, but for lots of people it could be a better option to pay for a month or two once in a while.
eldaking Feb 17, 2022
I am actually interested on this, as HoI4 is the Paradox game where I don't own any DLC and play only sporadically in bursts. Could make a lot more sense on the short term. But I found the subscription a tad too expensive for what it is - not out of the question, but I'm not happy about it.
ssj17vegeta Feb 17, 2022
Divide the price by 5 and it becomes interesting.

Coming from a huge Paradox fan.
kaiman Feb 17, 2022
One reason I never tried Crusader Kings II was that by the time I found it, the full experience would have cost hundreds of €. That's okay when spent over x years, but seems excessive as a one-time cost for a single game. In my case though, I would not have wanted a subscription model either. I like to pay to own, not to rent.

Now if they'd give you credit for your subscription fee, and allow to redeem that in their store to own however many DLCs you can buy for it, that might be something I could get behind.
denyasis Feb 17, 2022
Quoting: BlackBloodRumHmm, how does this one work? Is it like a game pass?

What I mean to ask, once your subscription ends, does the DLC that was released during your active subscription remain on your account like a game pass?

Or does it get removed?

If it stays on your account, I could see it being worthwhile.

From the article, it appears once you stop paying, you lose access.
I'm conflicted a bit by it. I know the idea is to get the subscription, forget about it, and overpay in the long run. But I must admit, it might not be bad for casual pay, presuming you pay upfront to buy the base game, schedule your play time within the subscription window, and cancel it quickly when you are done playing.

I've never purchased anything "subscription" for the PC, I just can't shake the feeling it is a scam, even when it isn't. But I can't knock it for those interested in it.
Mountain Man Feb 17, 2022
I would prefer the DLC be released as a discounted bundle as opposed to this subscription nonsense.
mao_dze_dun Feb 18, 2022
I love some of Paradox's games, but I always found their business model deplorable. They spew out mostly low quality to mediocre DLC's that occasionally break their games and rarely justify the price tag. There is a reason most of them have mixed to bad reviews on Steam. And on they introduce an overpriced DLC subscription. I mean, I can't even...

Like ALL game publishers, the more successful they've become, the more user unfriendly they turned. Many, many years ago, EA used to be the likeable underdog, too...

Last edited by mao_dze_dun on 18 February 2022 at 9:12 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.