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Steam Deck gets a big Client update, plus Deck OS and BIOS BETA update

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Two big updates arrived for the Steam Deck last night, so let's go over all that's changed as it's quite exciting. Firstly, the main Steam Deck Client update brings some really nice goodies.

  • Added dual trackpad typing support to onscreen keyboard
  • Added game mode onscreen keyboard to Desktop mode
  • Added Family Sharing status to game details page. Borrowers will see whose library they are borrowing from, and lenders will see a message if their library is currently in use by a borrower.
  • Added a Calibration and Advanced Settings screen with options for:
    • Adjusting deadzones for the left and right Joysticks
    • Adjusting haptic strength for left and right Trackpads
    • Joysticks and other sensors on external gamepads
  • Updated network connection flow to connect without re-prompting for a known password
  • Improved performance downloading library images after logging in, leading to less stuttering
  • Removed display of 'B' back button in Overlay Quick Access Menu
  • Fixed onscreen keyboard input issues when connecting to public WiFi captive portals
  • Fixed issue where Chrome wouldn't install from the non-Steam section of the Library

I know a lot of people preferred the dual-typing from the original Big Screen Mode, so it's quite pleasing to see Valve add that back in with the new Steam Deck on-screen keyboard. I have to say it looks pretty great in action too. Here's a quick video example with a bonus showing off some themes:

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Having that same keyboard in Desktop Mode is also a great idea.

Here's where things get even more interesting though, as there's a Steam Deck OS and BIOS update also available in Beta. Some time ago, I discovered a charging issue with USB-C hubs and reached out to Valve about it. After a bit of back and forth, I ended up finding out that through some hotplugging — charging would work. It turned out that some hubs would pull power from the Deck, instead of a charging wire, and so you needed to plug the power into the hub first, then put the hub into the Deck. Valve were great on this, and they even picked up my exact model to reproduce it on their end. Doing some repeated testing today, it does seem to solve it.

Beta changelog:

  • Added messaging when a charger that doesn't meet the minimum bar is plugged in
  • Added uncapped framerate setting in Quick Access menu > Performance
  • Added fTPM support, enabling Windows 11 installation
  • Added button combo: hold "..." + "Volume Down" to reset PD contract in the cases where Steam Deck gets stuck due to an incompatible Type-C device
  • Updated power LED to dim a few seconds after power supply connection events for better experience in dark environments
  • Improved compatibility for a number of Type-C docks and PSUs
  • Improved battery life in idle or very low usage scenarios
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed issues where the touchscreen does not work after some boots
  • Fixed compatibility with some SD cards specifically when used as boot devices.
  • Fixed ACPI error spew in the kernel

To get the OS + BIOS Beta, you need to opt into the Beta channel on the Steam Deck in the System settings menu (down near the bottom).

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Wrzlprnft Mar 31, 2022
Having loaded the update: These keyboard changes are really great. Didn't expect that much of an impact, tbh.
toor Mar 31, 2022
Pretty sweet update! I love the double touchpad keyboard, it's so much better.
Also the BIOS updates are lovely
mihaib Mar 31, 2022
I like the fact that they put in the extra time to reproduce your issue with charging and fixed it.

I do not own yet a Steam Deck but I seriously thinking of buying one. It does look very impresive to be hoenst
Guerrilla Mar 31, 2022
The change in keyboard will be nice.

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to sell my Steam Deck. It's a nice piece of kit if it's your first/only handled PC. But I already own a GPD Win Max and am more interested in the Win Max 2. I prefer the screen being higher up than the controls vs the slab of the SD. The other thing is that for older games (which I'm more likely to play on such a device), total game time on a single charge is about the same. The Win Max uses more power but also has a larger battery to compensate. So I'm not really gaining much unless playing a newer game.

The only drawback to the Win Max is Windows, but that's a very fixable issue.
wit_as_a_riddle Apr 1, 2022
Quoting: GuerrillaThe change in keyboard will be nice.

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to sell my Steam Deck.

How much will you sell it for?
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The comments on this article are closed.