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Return to Monkey Island announced for 2022

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Devolver Digital, Lucasfilm Games and Ron Gilbert have announced something huge for adventure game fans, with Return to Monkey Island on the way to release in 2022. A series adored by many, with this one taking place following on from Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

Technically, this was announced on April 1 on Gilbert's official blog post that stated: "For 18 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been April Fools' day free because it's a stupid tradition.

So to mix things up a little I'm taking this opportunity to announce I've decided to make another Monkey Island."

Then in a new post on April 4, the real thing.

Teaser trailer is below:

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No idea yet on exactly what platforms it will support but we'll be keeping an eye on it.

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whizse 5 Apr
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  • Supporter
Quoting: wit_as_a_riddleI wish they would do pixel graphics
Maybe I'm the only one, but I quite liked the style in Curse. The graphics, Murray, and the voice acting was probably the best parts of the entire game.
whizse 5 Apr
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Quoting: frykBut what I never want to go back to, is having to read all that conversation on screen. Voice-Over please :-)
Hah! I'm very much the opposite. Zero patience for voice. I finish reading. I click to skip.
Salvatos 5 Apr
Curse was my first foray into Monkey Island, so if they do it with a 2D painterly style like the teaser suggests, that suits me fine. Either way, probably an instant purchase!

In addition to Dominic Armato returning as Guybrush, I’m happy to see Michael Land doing the music again. I’ve been listening to MI3’s soundtrack a lot lately. So comfy.
KohlyKohl 5 Apr
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It won't be the same unless I have to swap floppy disks
tuubi 5 Apr
Quoting: KohlyKohlIt won't be the same unless I have to swap floppy disks
That's really not something I'm nostalgic for. Twelve floppies for a damn adventure game. I can still almost feel the frustration of finding out disk 10 of my copy of MI2 had multiple errors...
micha 5 Apr
Ron Gilbert did a few posts two years ago when he switched his development setup from Mac to Linux.
He order a Linux laptop, made a post after and a few month later the Linux native version of Dolores was ready for testing and eventually released. (Same in-house engine as Return of Monkey Island.)

IDK if he is still developing on Linux nor the platform plans of Devolver, but my guess is chances are high for a native Linux version.

Last edited by micha on 5 April 2022 at 5:43 pm UTC
KuJo 5 Apr
QuoteNo idea yet on exactly what platforms it will support but we'll be keeping an eye on it.
The only real and true platform that comes into question is Amiga with AmigaOS. ;)
F.Ultra 5 Apr
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  • Supporter
Quoting: whizse
Quoting: frykBut what I never want to go back to, is having to read all that conversation on screen. Voice-Over please :-)
Hah! I'm very much the opposite. Zero patience for voice. I finish reading. I click to skip.

What I never get is why they voice the replies that my character does, I mean I read the entire reply when choosing to click it so why did I just have to spend time hearing it as well?
ShabbyX 6 Apr
Quoting: JahimselfGood news, I hope they won't do "pixel art" , I always found this way of making game totaly out of context. Back in the days, when these game were released you would play on very small screen with 256colors. That was because the hardware was very limited and because screens were pretty expensive. Playing on a 14/15' crt was pretty much the norm, and anything = or above 640*480 was already good quality. What is called pixel art is because if you launch those game on modern screen they look pixelated as the image is increasingly zoomed in.

Otherwise at the time it was not looking pixelated as much as modern pixel art does. It was looking smooth, almost like a cartoon especially on the point&clic genre.

Every classic game from that era that I launch on my modern screen looks terrible, but it still looks nice and neat on a 14'/15' crt screen. Using 2xsai filters in dosbox can partialy improve that pixalated aspect that did not exists back in the days, at least nothing as what they made a fashion of "pixel art" that is simply a waste of hardware in my opinion and in general looking pretty poor graphically and colorwise compare to what was done back in the days with only 256colors.

They could try to create nice graphics and animation instead of willing to be what it is not. I can't count the list of game that could have look great if not pixelated on purpose. And I really think this is a waste.

On the other hand if you take the exemple of the two remaster of Monkey Island the style really does not respect the original game. It went to some disney childish style, instead of poetic as it was in the original. If you look what has been done with day of the tentacle, they more or less kept the original aspect, but the minor tweaks are not perfect, and on top of that the animation is too stiff. It was some sort of compromise.

I hope they will make the right decisions for this awaited official third episode;

Pixel art didn't look better back then because screens had lower res. It was because CRT didn't show the pixels as clearly as LCDs do. So if you get the same pixel art that looks smooth and nice on a CRT and show it on LCD it looks like garbage. Artists back then "worked around" the pixel art by taking advantage of CRTs' analog-ness. Pixel arts of today are a totally different thing.

Here, some photos:

Anyway, my point is, pixel art back then has little to do with pixel art now.
mylka 6 Apr
there is also a new tomb raider in the making. will feral make a linux port again?
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