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Steam Deck 2 is absolutely coming, new booklet from Valve confirms

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Valve has just released a rather fancy Steam Deck Booklet to introduce Valve, Steam and the Steam Deck to the new markets across Asia they're about to expand into and it gives some fun details.

A lot of it goes over all the stuff those of us across western markets already know, including where Valve has servers located, info on their previous hardware and how things like the Steam Link and Steam Controller enabled the Steam Deck to actually be a thing.

It also confirmed, again, that SteamOS will be getting a generic installer so that anyone will be able to install the latest SteamOS available from the Steam Deck on their PC. Along with that, hardware vendors will also be able to use it so we'll eventually see devices from others with some already looking into it like GPD and OneXPlayer.

What about a Steam Deck 2 then? Well, it doesn't get much more firm than "In the future, Valve will follow up on this
product with improvements and iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market." which was taken from the last info page:

The page mentions they want it to be "even more open" than the first generation too. I'm not sure how they plan to improve on that, since it's already one of the most open mainstream gaming devices around but I'm keen to see what they have planned.

What do you think about the future of the Steam Deck and SteamOS?

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Mohandevir Aug 26, 2022
Excellent! I'm starting to put money in my Steam wallet for the next Steam Deck, right now!
wit_as_a_riddle Aug 26, 2022
Quoting: KROMI'm feeling a little bit anxious, if there ever will be a Steam Deck 3, given Valves track record.

As I saw mentioned on reddit, this curse is already broken. Behold! We have SteamOS 3 already running on every Deck!

Last edited by wit_as_a_riddle on 26 August 2022 at 1:33 pm UTC
const Aug 26, 2022
Quoting: elmapul
Quoting: constthe wii u showed them that they can't build another generation on gimmicks
..but think about it, if motion sensors were invented before gamepads with buttons and joysticks, how the industry would be nowadays? most games would be made for motion, they would have nailed the motion controls, polished it, perfected it, they would know what work and what dont with this type of controls, and when someone made an controller with buttons and an stick, that would be the one seeing as gimiick.

I highly doubt that and the reason is simple: With traditional controllers you can play action packed games and get cozy with minimal action. While motion controls aren't exactly sports, they can't deliver the layed back, cozy feeling of traditional controls by miles. They are also not compatible with handheld gaming at all, people have tried.
Also, motion controls are damn old, there were home consoles with motion controls (even predating duck hunt) in the early 80s, maybe even earlier. Nintendo generalized them a little more with the wii and I don't say it was bad, it's just not a full alternative.
The future of motion controls clearly lies in VR, no doubt it is necessary there.
wit_as_a_riddle Aug 26, 2022
"even more open"

Perhaps they are taking a page out of Aya Neo's book and bringing in other software stores? Possibly preloading their clients on SteamOS? Maybe they are even inviting the likes of Epic, Origin, and GOG to create linux clients for this purpose?

Going another route maybe they mean the OS itself will be more open to being installable on other pieces of hardware? I think that is coming as a certainty anyhow, given the words of GDP in that they are "cooperating with Valve" to bring SteamOS to the Win (Lin) Max 2 and the words of Gabe stating, "Our view is, If we’re doing this right, that we’re going to be selling these in millions of units, And it’s clearly going to be establishing a product category that ourselves and other PC manufacturers are going to be able to participate in. And that’s going to have long-term benefits for us. So that’s sort of the frame in which we’re thinking about this."

I still maintain if it was worth it for Valve to subsidize their own hardware, with the main goals being to grow the PC gaming open ecosystem, Steam's market share, and linux gaming viability (wresting PC gaming away from Microsoft control), then it is worth it to them to subsidize other hardware. Bringing the cost down means faster adoption, accelerating the pace towards their goals.

30% from every game is a lot of money to play with, they use a bit of it to help drive adoption of other handhelds or gaming PCs that ship with SteamOS.
Jahimself Aug 26, 2022
I like "more steam deck, more steamos" in the end, they are the only major actor in the industry standing for linux gaming. All games that have been published with linux builds are available, unlike for gog for instance. The fact that such a big company is doing this could be a good driving force in the future for linux gaming. Other competitors might have to get a look at linux. There a huge amount of work involved from valve and it was a big bet to release the steam deck with steamos. Unless some lucky curse of event for mankind, everyone is pretty much aware that standart of life we had is gonna lower more and more. Things will get more expensive and rare, any extra cost might also become an issue over time for the big publisher like EA, Ubisoft,Blizzard, Epic and maybe Microsoft itself... At least I hope :p

Valve prooved that it was feasable with a good concept that came accross the philosophy of this platform since quite a couple of years now. Steamdeck is a real successfull launch, and it runs way beyond what most people were expecting, troublefree for the most and without headache for final users from what I've read. They've prooved something no one in the industry would have bet on, and now they look at valve and linux differently.

Last edited by Jahimself on 26 August 2022 at 2:01 pm UTC
MexicanDandy Aug 26, 2022
Quoting: KoopacabrasI hope by the time the Steam deck 2 is out I would be able to buy a Steam Deck 1 in Argentina XD lol

Same in Mexico :')
const Aug 26, 2022
Quoting: GuestI have enjoyed my Steam Deck and would probably buy a Steam Deck 2, then hand mine down to my oldest kiddo. I would hope that a Steam Deck 2 would have the option to turn on back light for the buttons...playing in the dark is tricky when you have to hunt for a button.
I hope it gets a little arm co-processor to handle background stuff like downloads and music...
sarmad Aug 26, 2022
Steam Deck 2 will likely be years away, but we'll likely see new devices running SteamOS from other vendors before that. Very nice.
I'd love to see a console running SteamOS to directly compete with XBox/PS5.
benmhall Aug 26, 2022
Quoting: GuestI would hope that a Steam Deck 2 would have the option to turn on back light for the buttons...playing in the dark is tricky when you have to hunt for a button.
This is my only real complaint with the Steam Deck.

For a wishlist of hardware features, I'd like:

  • Backlit buttons (esp. the STEAM button)

  • USB-C on top and bottom

  • Pop-out NVMe drive like MicroSD (See Surface Pro 7/X)

  • IPS or OLED screen

But these are all minor points. I've had my Steam Deck for almost a month now and I am still delighted with it. Hands-down the niftiest Linux box I've bought. Which is saying a lot for me.

Software-wise, I'd like a usable web browser in Gaming mode. They could add that to the Deck 1. They're clearly almost there with the Store integration.
TheRiddick Aug 27, 2022
Quoting: sarmadSteam Deck 2 will likely be years away,

Next year away! This isn't traditional console. And RDNA3 4nm APU's will definitely be available to Valve sometime next year.

SteamDeck 1.0 does look like its a rather big beta test in preparation for future versions. But they have accomplished allot.
The issue with flatpak is allot of 3rd party developers were not ready to support it when SteamDeck was released, but that isn't flatpak or Valves fault, its been around forever.

Last edited by TheRiddick on 27 August 2022 at 12:03 am UTC
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