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If you use PolyMC for Minecraft you should switch away now

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Update: here's a fresh Steam Deck guide with Prism Launcher.

Unfortunately, it seems a developer on the Minecraft launcher PolyMC went completely rogue and so for your own safety, you should remove PolyMC from all systems. Last night I was made aware of the situation and posted about it on Twitter but for those who don't follow along, here's what happened.

14 hours ago, according to GitHub, the creator removed the Code of Conduct with a commit message titled "reclaim polymc from the leftoids". After that, they then kicked out the other developers from the project in some kind of completely hostile takeover.

People thought they got hacked but unfortunately this person seemingly just decided to attack others. In a message in the PolyMC Discord, they said this:

Regardless on your views, this kind of behaviour is not something anyone of any sane mind should support. What they've done is only show how they are completely untrustworthy, and they've basically killed the project. You should 100% consider PolyMC to be compromised and move onto another launcher. There's nothing to indicate malware or anything like that but any trust is simply gone, who knows what they would do next?

Sadly, this means the various videos and guides I did on PolyMC are no longer valid, and so I will be looking to cover other launchers in future. You should also revoke any permissions you gave to PolyMC via your Microsoft account.

What are your options for right now? You can try:

Although, MultiMC comes with its own controversy for Linux packaging and licensing stuff but at least the developer isn't malicious.

Is there some good news? Seemingly so. The team who were kicked out have banded together to carry it on under PrismLauncher but it's very early days on that yet.

Article was updated after publishing to clarify malware was not an issue at the time. The issue is the developer and what they did.

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32th_System Oct 18, 2022
QuoteAlthough, MultiMC comes with its own controversy for Linux packaging and licensing stuff but at least the developer isn't malicious.
Ironically, it was this exact controversy that lead to the creation of PolyMC. One of their main goals was to be more community oriented and contributor friendly. But it looks like they abandoned that
Big_and_donkey Oct 18, 2022
I used GDLauncher back when the MultiMC drama was going on because I wanted a flatpak. Guess I'm going back to it. Not seeing that many people recommend it, is there any reason or is it just not as known?
Liam Dawe Oct 18, 2022
My original comment was not as diplomatic as it could have been, edited to be clear why the comments are closed.

First of all, please stop focusing on the CoC removal, that's not the actual issue - the attitude of the developer is and how they've acted is not something anyone should be comfortable with.

Time and time again, we've seen articles that in any way mention LGBT+ bring a lot of toxic attitudes and people that only want to cause trouble. Comments closed.

Also, a CoC is just a basic set of rules, everywhere has them. Plus, if you argue against a CoC, I think that speaks volumes about you and I really don't think GOL is the place for you.

I have also now clarified in the text that malware at the time was not an issue.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 26 October 2022 at 1:36 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.