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Steam continues growing hitting over 30 million online

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Remember the days of the original green Steam client, that no one particularly liked? Hard to believe that it now sees over 30 million people online.

This huge new record was hit yesterday, with the new all-time peak according to the Steam Charts page at 30,027,003. However, SteamDB lists it as 30,032,005. During this time the top games were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends and Lost Ark. So three out of the top five when Steam was at its peak work on Linux officially — not bad. About 8.5 million people were actually in-game at the time.

Credit: SteamDB

While I have you here: what have you been playing recently, what's your current top game on Linux? I've been sucked in really hard by Brotato, trying out all the different characters and weapons has been a lot of fun.

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Philadelphus Oct 24, 2022
So many games I want to play all coming out around the same time! I'm currently playing a mix of Potionomics and RimWorld with the Biotech expansion, and looking forward to Victoria III releasing tomorrow. (I'd be playing The Eternal Cylinder as well, but weirdly, although the demo worked with Proton, the full game doesn't launch at the moment.)
Grogan Oct 24, 2022
I resented Steam very much in the early days. I didn't get Half Life 2 because of it, but eventually I was forced to use Steam because I wanted to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with my friends. That was the first COD title that required Steam, I was livid (and also at the loss of our own dedicated servers and community made maps and mods etc.) In for a penny, in for a pound... I ended up buying more games on Steam and I realized it was a good service. Reliable downloads of your digital property and good user services (most of which I don't use, but I appreciate what they provide, including the way the Store works)

Currently I'm playing games on Steam that are easy to play with a controller (shoulder tendons... trying to keep my arm down). I'm on my second playthrough of Kona, which has me damned glad it's not winter yet lol. I've been playing Just Cause 4 a bit, Saints Row The Third, and my Mass Effect games.
Pengling Oct 25, 2022
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QuoteWhile I have you here: what have you been playing recently, what's your current top game on Linux?
I play the free-to-play Super Bomberman R Online daily (not to be confused with Super Bomberman R - they're completely different games), and it's rock-solid-stable under Proton - and they've never kicked out Linux players for using it, either, which has been great. It's been a very short-lived game though, and it's ending on December 1st, prior to its features being rolled into the upcoming paid sequel that it was a test-run for, Super Bomberman R 2 (for which it appears the Steam version may be the lead product - or at least that's what they've been using in official promotional events).

I've also been playing Vampire Survivors, and, non-Steam-wise, plenty of emulated stuff via RetroPie, which I use on the desktop.
Lanz Oct 25, 2022
I recently beat Prodeus on my Steam Deck. It was fantastic.
Trias Oct 25, 2022
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Started replaying Mass Effect (LE) a short time ago, and occasionally also launch Europa Universalis IV.

Will try Victoria III today. :).
Eike Oct 25, 2022
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Started Lucy Dreaming. It features rather small items (bathroom!) to be played on Steam Deck, though...
syylk Oct 26, 2022
The active timesinks atm are:

- EVE Online
- Elite: Dangerous / Odyssey (playing this game franchise since 1984...)
- Shakes & Fidgets
- V-Rising, with my wife
- Empyrion Galactic Survival
- Subsistence, with my family in my homecountry

On hold but played occasionally:

- Seven Days To Die (native)
- Valheim (native)
- Vampire Survivors
- Euro Truck Simulator 2 (native)

The backlog is just too long. I hope I can live enough to play half the titles I'm curious about.

Most of them in 4K because, you know, age-walled Deck wouldn't go easy on my eyes! ;)
Drakker Oct 26, 2022
I finally pulled the trigger on Lost Ruin, which you reviewed a while ago, damn, its good, glad I bought it.

I'm also still addicted to Vintage Story. Just saying. :)
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