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Steam Deck Client Beta updated, plus official Docking Station update coming

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Valve has released another small Steam Deck Client Beta update to fix some lingering issues, plus they've announced a Docking Station update is on the way.

For the Beta update available in the Beta and Preview channels: you can opt into this in Settings > System > Steam Update Channel here's what's new.

  • Fixed a case where the Performance Overlay would still show when set to off.
  • Don't show the "switch to desktop" option in the power menu when the lock screen is active.

As for their new official Steam Deck Docking Station, Valve put out this announcement:

Hi all, a quick update on the Steam Deck Docking Station. Thanks to reports from the community, we've discovered cases where MST and FreeSync functionality still require work. The team is actively working on these bugs, and we'll be shipping software and firmware updates soon.

The docked experience clearly still needs some work, and no doubt more issues will appear as many more people get their hands on a dock now as the official Docking Station still remains in the global top 10 sellers on Steam.

On top of that, they've made another additional Twitter account @ondeckupdates where they will be posting smaller updates, that aren't big enough for the main OnDeck account that you might wish to follow.

ICYMI: a look at the JSAUX M.2 SSD Steam Deck Docking Station.

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slaapliedje Oct 14, 2022
If you want a hassle free update for the Dock when it shows up... disable the pin entry to unlock the dock! Clearly they did NOT test for plugging it in while it was locked and then turning it on...

I basically got caught in this weird loop of trying to tell it to apply the update or cancel but couldn't click some of the buttons, as behind the update screen it was waiting for me to unlock it.
Purple Library Guy Oct 14, 2022
At least it doesn't require Windows to update the firmware . . .
slaapliedje Oct 14, 2022
Quoting: Purple Library GuyAt least it doesn't require Windows to update the firmware . . .

Every company should get on the LVFS https://fwupd.org/

Funny thing is, I have a couple Dell docks that I use for work... couldn't update them via Windows on the Dell machine because of the corp bios password (no clue why the firmware update requires that level of access), so I tried plugging it into a Windows laptop I had (Asus) and it told me to get bent... that it'd only run on a Dell.

Well found out that one of the docks had support via fwupd, so I was able to update it anyhow, even with the same Asus laptop, I just put Linux on it instead.

At this point, any manufacturer who doesn't support fwupd should be considered Anti-Linux, and should be put on a list of 'Don't buy their stuff'.
slaapliedje Oct 14, 2022
Also a quick note; the dbrand Killswitch case 100% does not fit with the Steam Deck Dock from Valve. The USB-C cable itself won't fit.
BlackBloodRum Oct 15, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Loved how simple it was to update though! - I actually connected it first while in desktop mode (silly me?!) and then it wasn't until I rebooted to game mode that it mentioned the updates.

No windows BS like you'd get with the other docks, just a straight up "Your dock needs a firmware update, wanna update it now mate? sure/nah"

Click sure, and off it went.

Easy as Pi!
KuJo Oct 15, 2022
Got mine yesterday. Setup finished under 10 minutes.

View my forum post:
Marlock Oct 15, 2022
As expected, Valve offers an easy firmware update path (plus a quick effort to get Deck-related issues fixed by those updates).

This is definitely a strong reason to get the official Deck Dock instead of a 3rd-party equivalent.

I wonder how useful this dock could be paired to anything other than the Deck, like plugging it to a linux laptop... and if the firmware updates will be offered via lvfs on any other distro that's not SteamOS 3, or if Valve uses some custom method that requires SteamOS or the Steam app.

Last edited by Marlock on 15 October 2022 at 5:25 pm UTC
WorMzy Oct 15, 2022
Had some good fun playing split-screen Portal 2 on my Docked Deck with my partner earlier. Besides that, I'm replaying Resident Evil: Code Veronica X on a 4k screen via RPCS3. Great fun.
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The comments on this article are closed.