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Valve are finally fixing buying games on Steam Deck that need a pop-up

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It's hard to imagine for a lot of people, buying games directly on Steam Deck has been broken this long but Valve are finally looking to fix it.

The issue is that certain methods of payment, and probably only in certain countries, require a special pop-up browser window to do some security checks. It was broken at release of the Steam Deck, with an update attempting to fix it back in March, which only fixed it for some.

In a fresh Steam Deck Beta Client Update, the single note is that it "Fixed Store payment methods which require popup windows for processing not working".

Nice to see but that sure took a lot longer than expected for something so essential. It was frustrating, as every time I forgot it was broken, I then had to wait to buy it on my desktop because it was stuck since it didn't fully go through.

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Zappor Dec 5, 2022
Also ran into this issue! (Sweden)
brokkr Dec 5, 2022
I realize that I would never have encountered this because I will always use a "PC" to top up my wallet funds... And I guess I don't think of the Deck as a PC. At least outside of desktop mode. Which is obviously wrong.
Zlopez Dec 5, 2022
  • Supporter Plus
I am in one of those countries that need popup when paying by card. But because I never really bought anything on Steam Deck yet I didn't noticed that there is any issue with it :-D
KohlyKohl Dec 5, 2022
PayPal in the US has this popup. Like others have said, I didn't notice this either because the store on the Deck is a terrible user experience, so I only use my Desktop to buy from there.
einherjar Dec 5, 2022
Quoting: KohlyKohlPayPal in the US has this popup. Like others have said, I didn't notice this either because the store on the Deck is a terrible user experience, so I only use my Desktop to buy from there.

How weird. The Decks purpose is to bring people to buy games at the valve store.
slaapliedje Dec 5, 2022
I've never ran into this one either, and I've for sure bought stuff on the Deck. Though I tend to not use paypal or anything that'd bring one up.
Lembritt Dec 5, 2022
Tried to buy a game on the Deck, forgot about this and got the same issue. Reached for the phone and had the new app, wouldn´t open the popup.
Had to go to the desktop to buy the game. (Sweden)
RedWyvern Dec 5, 2022
Interestingly enough when I got my Deck the Dutch iDEAL system worked but this broke down the line.
Not 100% certain on this but it might have worked on 3.2 and stopped working in 3.3.
I have not tested whether this update fixed it nor will I soon but it's nice that this patch is supposed to fix it.
Interestingly, at least for my bank, the Desktop popup shortly didn't work too, but this was before I received my Deck and was fixable by copying the popup URL to an external webbrowser and closing Steam's popup after completing the payment.
anth Dec 5, 2022
I'm actually quite impressed that it took so long to fix this despite the very active development for other Deck software. Many other companies prioritise their storefront with anything else an afterthought.
Dekani Dec 5, 2022
Same issue for me with Steam Deck client but works fine if I switch to desktop mode and finalized payment with Steam application, still from Steam Deck.
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The comments on this article are closed.