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Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell arrives December 15th

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Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell is the first expansion for the absolutely ridiculous smash-hit horde game. It releases on December 15th with a whole bunch of extra content.

This DLC will include 8 new characters, of which they've only revealed 4:

  • Miang Moonspell - The last disciple of the Moonspell Clan before its downfall, and possibly its finest. Self-consciously a shounen protagonist.
  • Menya Moonspell - One of the few surviving Moonspell elders, Menya’s mystical powers are near god-like.
  • Syuuto Moonspell - Banished practitioner of the new moon dark magic, Syuuto is nonetheless an enemy of evil. Poor personal hygiene may contribute to his continued exile.
  • Babi-Onna - Returned from the dead to seek vengeance on demons and mortals alike, she nonetheless retains her impeccable ability to charm, amuse, and dazzle.

13 new weapons and they've so far revealed these:

  • Silver Wind - An ancestral force unleashed by the staff of the Moonspell Clan, only those born under the moon can fully wield its power (or whoever finds it in a chest, we’re not sure).
  • Four Seasons - A set of orbs which unleash the power of the changing seasons, of death and rebirth.
  • Summon Night - A weapon which drips with the darkness of the new moon. Despite the clan’s superstitions, even the shadows can oppose evil.
  • Mirage Robe - An enchanted kimono, weaved on a loom from the silk of the earth spider, and imbued with a fragment of Babi-Onna’s vengeful spirit. Besides, it looks fabulous darling.

Plus a brand new stage, that is the biggest one yet along with a bunch of new music to go along with it.

As a reminder, the developers are currently porting it to a new game engine and have plans for a Native Linux version of that too. There is currently a hidden Native Linux version on the existing game engine, but it's not recommended or advertised by the developer. It works pretty nicely in Proton overall right now.

You can pick it up on Steam.

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Nezchan Dec 7, 2022
I haven't even unlocked all the content in the *base* game, nevermind even considering DLC.

I mean I only got to the [really trippy place] last night.
ssj17vegeta Dec 7, 2022
Someday Liam you're gonna pay for all my lost hours and social life, you know that ? XD
redneckdrow Dec 7, 2022
Noooooooo! My only perfect clean sweep on Steam!

But seriously, this sounds great. I really like this game, seeing as I can play it one-handed.
neolith Dec 8, 2022
Awwww, man... the moment I have completed all achievements they update the game. Every. Single. Time.
I have other games to play. Have some pity, devs...
Vasya Sovari Dec 9, 2022
Currently sitting on 299.1 hours played and 100% achievements. This DLC looks amazing
It is completely ridiculous that VS isn't on the Game Awards GOTY contender list.
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The comments on this article are closed.