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Up for a fresh set of games? The Humble Choice subscription is back for January 2023 and the highlight game for some here will likely be DOOM Eternal. Here's a run over the compatibility expected on Steam Deck and Linux desktop.

Checking if any are Native Linux releases, Deck Verified and ProtonDB for you so you don't have to do the boring clicking around here's what's in:

DOOM Eternal

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Gold

Tribes of Midgard

  • steam deck verified Deck Playable
  • ProtonDB Gold

Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG

  • steam deck verified Deck Playable
  • Native Linux

OlliOlli World

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Gold

Grow: Song of the Evertree

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Gold

Conan Chop Chop

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

Hokko Life

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Gold

The Serpent Rogue

  • steam deck verified Deck Unrated
  • ProtonDB Unrated

Also on the Humble Store right now is the Lost In Space Sale, with some great savings on space sci-fi games!

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dibz Jan 4, 2023
I wonder how many people still actually pay for these, I definitely pause more months then I pay for now and I imagine that's true for a lot of people holding onto their classic plans. They bundling a "headline" game with a bunch of not great stuff, but the headline games a lot of people already own...

I wish they'd just not do that and maybe have higher quality indie games for the whole bundle instead.
Turkeysteaks Jan 4, 2023
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  • Supporter
Got Eternal the first sale after release, and unfortunately I happened to buy OlliOlli World during the winter sale last week, but the rest of them look interesting enough. Also comes with a 60% off voucher for both DLCs within humble store, but I think it's only maybe £0.20 cheaper than buying it on steam - and more expensive than getting the Year One Pass.

Honestly most of the headliners I either own or am not interested in with Humble Choice, but helps me to find new indies. Often I'll enjoy a game from it that I would not have bought otherwise.

Still salty they dropped any linux builds and support a little while back though. I've seen some people have Humble Games Collection working under Linux but I am yet to get any progress with that myself.
Kimyrielle Jan 4, 2023
Quoting: dibzI wonder how many people still actually pay for these

I do. I almost never pause a month. I am way too lazy to! :D
In months with duplicate games or games that don't interest me, I usually find someone in my family to take the extra key off me.

It's true that in some months the filler games outnumber the desirable ones by a fair margin, but to be honest, you can't expect 10 blockbusters every month for 12 bucks a month. Them going back to 10 games instead of 12 seems to have improved quality as of late. Sometimes less is more. As for AAA games vs Indie - I like to think they need that one big name game to attract attention. Yes, it has occasionally resulted in me getting duplicates of games I already own, but this wouldn't be any different with Indie games. Most of the time I don't buy new games unless they're on sale anyway, so I am still getting a lot of AAA games from Humble I don't already have.
Odisej Jan 4, 2023
@Kimyrielle: same here.

I enjoy the bundles mostly because of the games I would otherwise not buy/notice. I've played a few extremely memorable ones just because of Humble Choice. I believe Police Stories was one such recently and The Pillars of Earth I think a while back ... to name just two.
itsNotting Jan 4, 2023
sign me up to the lazy folks.

I’m a ‘classic’ subscriber since.. can’t remember.
Is there still an advantage for classic?!

There a times when I don’t even redeem my monthly games and all of a sudden I’m checking three month back for what I already have.

But I don’t want to cancel. There’s always a hidden gem in that pile of digital shame that is worth playing and most of the time it is a title I would not have bought as a single title purchase.

Last edited by itsNotting on 4 January 2023 at 8:06 pm UTC
dibz Jan 7, 2023
Quoting: Kimyrielle
Quoting: dibzI wonder how many people still actually pay for these
It's true that in some months the filler games outnumber the desirable ones by a fair margin...

That's actually what I was talking about. I wish they'd stop including blockbusters and raise the quality of the filler instead. Typically when I pay for choice, I only want one or two games from it, then I try and give the rest away. Keyword is try, because friends and family never want that crap either. Typically I can only ever off-load one or two keys to someone else, usually it's if there is desirable game I either have zero interest in or already have. Pretty much everyone I know is "over" adding junk to their libraries...

Last edited by dibz on 7 January 2023 at 8:41 pm UTC
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