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December 2022 results are in for the Steam Hardware & Software Survey and overall the Linux share is down but the overall trend is still good. Initially the survey results released to some parts that looked off, but Valve seems to have now corrected it.

For December 2022 the Linux share was 1.38%, next to macOS at 2.48% and Windows at 96.15%.

From our own Steam Tracker you can see the current trend, which still puts the overall Linux share remaining at a multi-year high but just down from the peak last month. Unless something drastic changes, we're still trending towards possibly seeing 2% by the middle of the year.

Valve are at least finally showing more distributions in their dedicated Linux list, when filtering it over to their Linux page you will now see all these shown:

  • SteamOS Holo 64 bit 24.07% -1.70%
  • Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS 64 bit 11.12% +0.23%
  • Arch Linux 64 bit 9.16% -0.21%
  • Freedesktop.org SDK 22.08 (Flatpak runtime) 64 bit 6.48% +0.66%
  • Manjaro Linux 64 bit 6.40% -0.32%
  • Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS 64 bit 3.83% +0.12%
  • Linux Mint 21 64 bit 3.67% -0.23%
  • Other 35.28% +1.47%

Going by the combined stats, the Steam Deck GPU shows up at 0.33% overall on Steam, so we can still tell that the vast majority of people on Steam Deck are sticking with SteamOS too.

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Eike Jan 3, 2023
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  • Supporter Plus
:D They had Linux +0.1 for Decembre yesterday...

Either way I think we need a second linear estimation starting with Steam Deck release.
fenglengshun Jan 3, 2023
Some people speculated that it's because a lot of Windows gamers tuning back for Winter Sale and holiday gaming, rather than a real drop in Linux usage. If that's true, we should see a correction from that in the next two months. Either way, I hope the upward trend continues this year.
Ehvis Jan 3, 2023
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  • Supporter Plus
At the end of the day (or month) it's just one data point. A difference of a tenth of a percent is not statistically significant. The only thing that these numbers are useful for is long term trends and one value doesn't change anything.
hardpenguin Jan 3, 2023
Now please overtake macOS for a nice milestone to celebrate!
Creak Jan 4, 2023
Quoting: hardpenguinNow please overtake macOS for a nice milestone to celebrate!
Agreed, passing macOS would be a nice achievement! Maybe in 2023?
adolson Jan 4, 2023
Quoting: hardpenguinNow please overtake macOS for a nice milestone to celebrate!

Kinda pathetic we haven't yet, honestly. Even with the Steam Deck.

Hard to be excited about these numbers.
Creak Jan 5, 2023
Quoting: LightkeyOy, Creak, fancy seeing you here!

Quoting: Lightkeythe trend towards AMD for Linux gamers is not limited to some free software zealots showing off on an opt-in survey.
Having and AMD GPU (and CPU) for multiple years now, I'm still aghast at the horror stories of users locked out because of broken drivers. Even though NVIDIA is quite quick to release updates, it does not equals having the drivers in the kernel, out-of-the box.

I know NVIDIA GPUs have better performance, but I honestly don't care. At this point, my mental sanity is more important than any performance improvement I could have with NVIDIA
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The comments on this article are closed.