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ET: Legacy continues carrying the torch of the classic multiplayer title Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, with a new release out that has lots of fixes. The original release was planned as an expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and later it came as a standalone thing that was later open sourced and now ET: Legacy keeps it going.

Some of the biggest changes noted are:

Notable ENGINE changes

  • Renamed Unix binaries (e.g. etl/etlded.x86 and etl/etlded.x86_64)
  • Added cJSON support for future use in internal configuration files
  • Fixed precision in patch collision to avoid "MAX_PATCH_PLANES" errors
  • Added x64 support for Windows platform (only compatible with Legacy 2.81 mod)


  • Added cl_extrapolationMargin (default: 1; allowed range: 0-10) to reduce client latency due to incorrect serverTime values caused by adjustments to serverTimeDelta on the client
  • Scaled UI mouse movement to match the window manager mouse movement 
  • Added new default console font (JetBrainsMono-SemiBold) and an icon font for the custom ET font icons
  • Fixed SDL2 sounds were played at incorrect range distance
  • Fixed OpenAl incorrect ambient and entity sounds volume
  • Fixed s_volume and s_alGain not affecting volume on OpenAl


  • Fixed sv_ipMaxClients cvar incorrectly limiting the total amount of clients allowed on server instead of max clients per IP
  • Added sv_userInfoFloodProtect cvar to protect against userinfo flooding, so sv_floodProtect can be off and server can still be protected against user info flooding.
  • Blocked connection from IP with engine temp bans (exclude ports to fix issue with clients changing net_port and reconnecting after a kick, circumventing temp ban)
  • Added sv_serverTimeReset cvar for resetting svs.time on map change to avoid various issues related to high server uptime
  • --> Potentially improves game feeling as big server time is known to cause a lot trouble

Notable MOD changes


  • Added in-game and cvar-based HUD editor allowing full customisation of HUD components
  • Fixed prone collision issues causing players to get stuck on or glitching through certain walls and smooth out crawling on uneven surfaces
  • Added window flashing on game init and match starting
  • Added option to visualise major and minor spawnpoints in maps supporting this feature with cg_drawSpawnpoints
  • Added func_fakebrush drawing with railbox when debugging by setting g_debugHitboxes func_fakebrush


  • Fixed a bug in antiwarp code causing players to warp when they had no user input but still had velocity
  • Fixed general prediction on multiple game elements


  • Added cg_customFont1/2 cvars to change fonts
  • Improved text readability by scaling text shadow/outline based on text size
  • Enhanced map vote windows on map vote game type by adding map popularity and history of last 333 played maps and reduced vote count from 3 to 1 per player


  • Fixed zoom level for FG42
  • Increased FG42 scoped recoil pitch
  • Reduced speed from 127 to 80 (crouch speed) while scoping and standing
  • Reintroduced weapon unscoping while in air more than 250 ms
  • Fixed alt weapon switch exploit
  • Fixed arty/airstrike bombs potentially spawning indoors
  • Fixed inconsistent explosion hit registration by sorting players depending of distance from the explosion origin in ascending order
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