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NVIDIA 530.41.03 driver out now for Linux

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NVIDIA has today released their latest stable driver 530.41.03 update for Linux users, following on from the 530.30.02 Beta last month.

Here's everything that's changed:

  • Added an application profile to avoid performance problems in Xfce 4 when the OpenGL compositor backend is enabled along with G-SYNC.
  • Added support for suspend and resume when using GSP firmware.
  • Moved the nvidia-settings application icon into the 'hicolor' icon theme, which allows it to be customized by other icon themes selected in the desktop environment.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PRIME render offload from working for Wayland applications when running on a system with an AMD iGPU.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented nvidia-installer from recording kernel log output to the installer log in some module loading failure paths.
  • Changed nvidia-installer to no longer use the $XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable. XDG data files are now installed to a path specified by the --xdg-data-dir option, or /usr/share if not specified.
    This fixes a problem when Flatpak is installed that caused the installer to place the nvidia-settings.desktop file in /root/.local/share/flatpak/exports/share/applications.
  • Changed the behavior of glXGetRefreshRateSGI() for non-integer refresh rates to round to the nearest whole number rather than truncating.
  • Changed the compression format of the .run installer package from xz to zstd. This results in a smaller compressed package, and faster decompression performance. A fallback zstd decompressor is embedded into the installer package for systems which do not already have a zstd decompression program installed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused nvidia-installer to mistakenly unload some already loaded non-NVIDIA kernel modules.
  • Added compatibility for Linux kernels with Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT).
  • Added NV-CONTROL attributes NV_CTRL_FRAMELOCK_MULTIPLY_DIVIDE_MODE and NV_CTRL_FRAMELOCK_MULTIPLY_DIVIDE_VALUE to allow syncing a Quadro Sync II card to different House Sync signal rates. This feature requires firmware version 2.18 or later; to download the latest firmware version, please visit:
  • Added support for the VK_KHR_video_queue, VK_KHR_video_decode_queue, VK_KHR_video_decode_h264 and VK_KHR_video_decode_h265 extensions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the nvidia-settings control panel to crash when resetting the display layout.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause excessive GPU power consumption at idle when driving multiple displays with a high refresh rate.
  • Fixed a bug in nvidia-powerd which could cause excessive CPU usage.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause applications to run at 1 FPS when using an NVIDIA PRIME Display Offload sink as the only active display.

NVIDIA also recently released the Vulkan Beta 525.47.14 and 525.47.15 for developers which include:

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mr-victory Mar 23, 2023
Goodbye ibt=off kernel parameter. You will not be missed.
Bolski Mar 27, 2023
It appears I can't set fan speed with the latest 540 drivers via Green With Envy. I have CoolBits set to "28" (although I would assume "12" should be enough). Under the 525 drivers, Green with Envy worked. Only way I can do it is to use the nvidia settings application but that's a constant fan speed and it doesn't provide me the ability to set a custom fan curve. I think I read with the latest nVidia drivers that programs like GWE no longer work due to how nVidia has changed the API for fan controls? Is that true?

The reason I used GWE is because for some reason under Linux when gaming with my GTX-1660, it throttles and sometimes to the point of overheating and causing the game to freeze and my desktop to freeze. This has started happening since version 530 of the Linux drivers. Under 525, I didn't have this issue.

Also, I do not have this issue under Windows and I don't use a custom fan profile in Windows. I just use the default with the card. But I can monitor my temps in Windows and they never get above the mark to throttle the GPU (83 C). But under Linux, the same game will cause it to throttle and I can't get any custom fan profile to kick in and work. I do hear the fans spin up, but they don't appear to be doing as good a job under Linux as they do under Windows.

I'm about to roll back to the 525 drivers that worked to see if things go back to normal. This is making my experience with gaming under Linux frustrating. A few months ago, when I first started gaming under Linux, I didn't have this issue.

And yes, I clean my fans and my PC regularly. Again, if this was happening under Windows, then I would say okay, it's probably the fans and/or the paste that needs some maintenance. However, since it only happens under Linux, and started happening since moving from the 525 drivers (I think this started with the 530 drivers), gaming has been frustrating for me as I can't play games without my GPU throttling.
Saravanan Apr 2, 2023
This driver is bad. I upgraded to this in Fedora 37 and facing sluggishness and stutters in desktop. I tried reinstalling fedora 37 and facing black screen during login. All this happens only if I upgrade to this driver version. Previous versions work perfectly fine.
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The comments on this article are closed.