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Update: Feral Interactive emailed me to correct the record that they're not actually doing a Linux port this time. They said the Creative Assembly FAQ post was incorrect. Feral are now doing macOS only.

Original article below:

SEGA and Creative Assembly officially announced Total War: PHARAOH today for release in October 2023, and as usual Feral Interactive will be doing their Linux and macOS ports. For those who will be waiting for the Native Linux build, you'll need to wait a bit longer as noted at the bottom of the official FAQ.

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"There are few periods more iconic than Ancient Egypt; fraught with political intrigue, cataclysmic events and grand war campaigns, it's the perfect setting for a Total War title," said Game Director, Todor Nikolov. "As Pharaoh, you must save Egypt from the cusp of destruction and guide your people through the calamitous Bronze-Age collapse. It is up to you to either survive or fade into history." 


  • Shape Your Dynasty - The Pharaoh is dead, and the people of Egypt, Canaan, and the Hittite empire cry out for a new leader. Many desire the power of the throne, but the path to becoming Pharaoh is a perilous one. As the leader of these great nations, you must overcome societal collapse, face natural disasters and fight to protect your people against invaders from far off lands. 
  • With a choice of eight Faction Leaders from three rich cultural hubs, step into their unique playstyles and take charge of deadly and diverse unit rosters. Whether you’re charming the courts as a peerless diplomat, charging into battle as an unwavering commander or causing chaos as a fearless warlord, become a leader that history will remember. 
  • Unearth Ancient Egypt - On your journey to becoming Pharaoh, uncover a beautifully lush and vibrant recreation of Ancient Egypt at the height of its power. From the fertile banks of the river Nile to the windswept, arid deserts of the Sinai Peninsula and the mountainous crags of ancient Anatolia, this magnificent visual reimagining brings the beauty and brutality of Egypt’s most tumultuous era to life. 
  • Epic Dynamic Battles - Enemy armies aren’t the only challenges to overcome on the battlefield. Lead your soldiers through sudden and dramatic shifts in weather, such as thunderstorms and sandstorms, and witness the tides of battle turn as it directly impacts the surrounding terrain. Beware the threat of fire too, as battles can become engulfed in flames, striking and spreading across the battlefield as it burns forests and damages the foundations of enemy settlements. 
  • Customize and Play Your Way - With a brand-new Campaign Customisation feature, no two campaigns will ever feel the same. Determine how you play with an extended range of campaign customisation options, such as random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, the ability to toy with natural disasters and much more. With an abundance of options, stack the odds against yourself for an added challenge or become an unmatched power to breeze your way to victory. 

At release it will cost:

  • Base Game: £49.99 / $59.99 / €59.99
  • Deluxe Edition: £61.17 / $72.87 / €72.87
  • Dynasty Edition: £77.96 / $91.46 / €91.46

You can follow it on Steam.

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Quoting: MercifulBoss
Quoting: Purple Library Guy
Quoting: MercifulBoss
Quoting: TheSHEEEP
Quoting: MercifulBossDisgusting. I hope they don't add monsters and mythology. That ruined troy for me, since I want to play a real historical general and relive an alternate history where the particular civilization survives the odds.
Maybe they won't do that.
And then the game will die as quickly as 3K did...
Or maybe this is meant to be a quick-ish cash-grab for them like Troy was.

The LARP that you want is much better served with 4X games of the Paradox kind.
Those where you never really enter the battlefield.
Or something like AoE that is "mostly" historical, but the small unit size enables a very different kind of gameplay.
But in the Total War style of gameplay, being restricted to historical units only is just plain boring. Because there isn't much you can do wrong, there isn't much you can do right, either.
There just aren't enough variables to keep the gameplay interesting - otherwise you'd still see people playing it.
There's also the issue of units looking identical at a glance (from a distance a guy with a sword looks pretty much the same as one with a spear/shield/zweihander/etc) - now a big-ass troll, that one always sticks out and helps readability on the battlefield.

Quoting: MercifulBossPlaying with monsters is just childish rather than the chess game its meant to be.
Do you ever listen to yourself or do you just blurt stuff out, fire-and-forget mode?
"My historical make-believe is so much less childish than the make-believe with fantasy creatures"
"RPS combat is like chess, really, huehuehue *sips wine, tips fedora*"
Dear lord

Why would historical games die fast? Attilla, Rome, Shogun 2 where all amazing historical games. Everything was easy to tell apart. And you actually felt like a real battlefield commander from the ancient era.

If you want silly troll units, play Warhammer 3 TW. At least this is a serious game. I hope they combine the complexity of paradox campaigns with the battlefield tactics to TW (and even expand it further). WW1 total war would make an amazing game. Or even a WW2 game.
OK, on one hand I have nothing against "pure" historical games and I think TheSHEEEP is being a bit over the top in claiming they're automatically going to be rubbish. Although to be honest, I think ancient Egypt, being at the dawn of organized warfare, is if you go strictly historical likely to be a bit sparse on interesting unit types.

But you're being ridiculous too. I mean, effectively you're saying the artwork decides whether a game has tactical interest. Has it occurred to you just how shallow a stance that is?

It's certainly as easy to create interesting and balanced warfare and units in a fantasy setting as in a historical one; why would it not be? And it does increase the range of possibilities.

Meanwhile, surely it should be possible to have an optional "mythic" mode that would have sphinxes and whatnot if you select it but not if you don't. No reason everyone can't be happy.

Because including monsters, etc sets a bad precedent for future games, waters them down and makes them look and play childishly rather than being serious warfare sims.

I was initially against TW:Warhammer even being released and I played it but already in the game we saw diplomacy die and "interesting unit types" all were essentially different forms of cavalry with different models.

Why ruin a perfectly good historical series with this childish crap? If someone wants to play a childish game they should go play CIV, not ruin TW with it.
That's not a reason. It's just a vague assertion. You're equating "non-historic" with "childish" but you are advancing absolutely and exactly zero reason for that claim. I would say it's in fact a rather childish claim. If things aren't running on the rails you want them to run on, that's "childish", "childish" apparently meaning "you don't like it". Aside from your personal prejudices, "childish" in what sense?

You can say the different unit types are "essentially different forms of cavalry", which I'm not sure if I buy (except in the sense that infantry are "essentially slow moving cavalry" or artillery are "essentially slow moving, long ranged cavalry"--that is, if you make the term largely meaningless, it becomes true) but even if I do buy it, as opposed to what? Fewer forms of cavalry. It wouldn't make the tactics less complex, just not as much more complex as might seem from units' appearances.

What then? People thinking of things is inherently more "childish" than people trying to imitate things?

You know, my background is in English literature. I've read starting from Beowulf, through Chaucer, Shakespeare, Pope, Swift, the Romantics and through to T.S. Eliot and such. It is my considered opinion that the greatest work of literature of the 20th century . . . has trolls in it.

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 25 May 2023 at 11:20 pm UTC
TheSHEEEP 6 days ago
View PC info
  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: Purple Library GuyYou know, my background is in English literature. I've read starting from Beowulf, through Chaucer, Shakespeare, Pope, Swift, the Romantics and through to T.S. Eliot and such. It is my considered opinion that the greatest work of literature of the 20th century . . . has trolls in it.
My dude.... you are reading books that are not a 1-to-1 portrayal of historical facts.
What a childish thing to do!
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