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Humble has an awesome metroidvania bundle not to be missed

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Humble Bundle just released their latest bundle and phew, if you like metroidvania styled game this is a cracking good deal overall not to be missed.

To save you clicking around below you'll see the expected compatibility on Steam Deck and Linux desktop, along with any ProtonDB rating. Plus each is a Steam link, so you can go see more info on each if you need to.

Hollow Knight

  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Verified
  • Linux Native

Rain World

  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Playable
  • ProtonDB Gold


  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Verified
  • Native Linux

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Playable
  • ProtonDB Platinum

Lost Ruins

  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Verified
  • Linux Native

Lone Fungus

  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

Haiku, the Robot

  • steam deck verified Steam Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

+ coupons for 50% off Zapling Bygone and 20% off Rain World: Downpour

Check out the full Must-Play Metroidvanias Bundle here.

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g000h Jun 1, 2023
I had a look at the bundle, knowing that I owned one title out of the 7 games. Hilariously, I didn't realise until I checked each game in sequence - I already owned 4 of the 7. (Probably won't bother with this one, heh!)
PixelDrop Jun 1, 2023
Haiku's historical lowest price is $13 ... and it's been on my wishlist for a while so I went ahead and got the bundle despite not being super excited about anything else. There's 5 games I didn't own so basically I paid $13 for Haiku and 0.40 cents each for the other 5 games. So if I never play them it's not too bad of a loss. XD
xavi Jun 1, 2023
Great time for the "If you like series" @scaine

Haiku, Bloodstained and Rain World can be a bit of help on waiting for Silksong.
denyasis Jun 1, 2023
I've only played Hollow Knight (and it was great!), But I don't know if I'd play it again, lol. The frustrating, hard, gameplay certainly makes for a great feeling when you finally beat a section, but fills me with angst if I think about playing again.

That said, opinions on Rain World? It and Hollow Knight seem the most kid-friendly. Might be fun to play it with them.
StoneColdSpider Jun 1, 2023
I will most likely get lost in the metroidvania maze and miss the sale.......
xavi Jun 5, 2023
I finally bought it this weekend - supporting totally GOL ;)

I started with Rain World as I thought is the one who will be more different.

It is difficult, and when I say difficult I mean that you have to be ready to die a lot.
For me the platform or metroidvania games are quite easy. I did not die in almost half of Hollow Knight on the first run. But on Rain World all are Insta-kills, and you have to observe a lot the environment to see any hidden monster.
The problem is you do not have instruction at all and the controls are not easy to understand or learn. They are very complex and not intuitive, of course there is a wiki but I prefer to be able to play games looking only at the game.

Ok, so I accepted that my mission is more or less discover, find food, do not die and find a cover before the rain. I discovered how to know when is going to rain, and to go slow. But is kind of difficult to go slow when you have to travel big distances to find something that you do not understand, and you need to experiment, but someone will kill you before you have any idea on what are you going to do or what is doing that "object".

I'm starting to like it because I finally understood the symbols on top left related to the different runs and areas.
But then, arriving to a new area, monsters that were suspected to not fly, they fly. The fly to you, they insta-kill you.

Of course as you are kind of a kitten in a very dangerous world, developers try to make you feel very unprepared and scared for the situation, and they achieve it.

So if you are ready to go slow, think on survival, and learn from mistakes, have any object to throw to the monsters just to escape, ... Rain World could be a really good option.
If you want to just progress fast being powerful: Not.

I've seen there are many mods and most of them are for making it easier for starters, but I prefer to play the game without mods.

As improvements, a bit of music will be nice. Also a map that can be shown faster will be a good option as you have to check it a lot and it appears to you very slow, and also map have different layers...

Last edited by xavi on 5 June 2023 at 10:41 am UTC
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