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Probably my absolutely favourite action platformer for the over time action and hilarious characters, Broforce is set for the Broforce FOREVER update on August 8th.

This is the final update to the game so the forever naming sees appropriate. It will offer up "an improved and expanded campaign with new unlocks, along with six new ultra-patriotic bros, four new democracy-spreading challenge levels, and the ultimate expression of military might – bug fixes".

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The new BROS being added in:

Seth Brondle - Harness the calculating intelligence and acid-spitting allure of Broforce Forever’s biggest bug yet. Climb on ceilings and utilize explosive teleportation as you swat evildoers like flies.

Xebro - Use your formidable fighting and flying Chakram skills to help those who are unable to defend themselves. Strike fear into the hearts of terrorism with your war cry, then cut them up real good with your sword.

Desperabro - Harness the power of music to enchant evil before blowing it away with dual-sawed-off shotguns. Every man deserves one last chance to dance before he dies.

Broffy the Vampire Slayer - Become the thing monsters have nightmares about, a stake-throwing, unholy monster purging, self-resurrecting teenage Slayer.

Bro Gummer - Embrace freedom in the most patriotic way possible: OVERKILL. Snipe your way around the world vanquishing evil with pinpoint accuracy, or just get back to basics and ram dynamite down its throat.

Demolition Bro - Send a maniac to catch a maniac. With his Bouncing Bomberman Bomb and Freeze Grenade, this Bro is ready to put evildoers right back where they belong… ON ICE.

A bunch of new enemies will also appear including motorbikes that try to run you down, large machine gun placements, and something about aviation enthusiasts that transport troops and fire bazookas from on high in their liberty-shunning new blimps. Level design adjustments too including a bunch of new barbed wire and sandbags strewn throughout cities making things a lil more challenging in places.

Available to buy on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

Broforce has a Native Linux version and it is also rated Steam Deck Playable.

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M@GOid Jul 29, 2023
This is one of the games that made me give up on AAA to dedicate more to indies. Simple, fun, lots of laugh, especially if played with friends.

Reminds you that gaming is more than wandering on a open world and do quests to reach the end of a game, AKA every AAA game out there.
dpanter Jul 29, 2023
This is brosome news!
Narann Jul 29, 2023
This game can brings you to “kinda control” to “total chaos” is less than half a second.
Renzatic Gear Jul 29, 2023
Quoting: dpanterThis is brosome news!

I see what you did there, broseph, and I approve!
F.Ultra Jul 30, 2023
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  • Supporter
QuoteBroffy the Vampire Slayer - Become the thing monsters have nightmares about, a stake-throwing, unholy monster purging, self-resurrecting teenage Slayer.

What really impresses me is that they actually have deep insight into each character so they are not just adding characters at a whim or to make a quick buck but they are actual fans of 80:ies and 90:ies action.
lukas333 Jul 30, 2023
Wow, it's a free update. Awesome.
hardpenguin Jul 31, 2023
Well I hope they make the Linux version more stable because it used to always break for me every now and then.
MicHaeL_MonStaR Aug 4, 2023
It also needs a bunch of QoL-improvements like the menus alone. They're very annoying and unintuitive to navigate, at least to apply settings. - Things like mapping keys and buttons is just a nightmare and you can't do it properly.

Also, resolutions don't all work properly and especially with different aspect-ratios they can break both the menus and the game itself. - The former when you use a wider monitor and it actually crops off the menu, so you can't see what you're navigating to, and in-game with some levels that keep the view going and you can't go too low or you'll die, which makes it tighter in 21:9 and thus you can't go as low as you could in 16:9. - The problem being, you can't run it in a less wide resolution, as it won't accept it for some reason (probably a Unity-thing). - It also crops the boss-introduction screens, but aside from the presentation that of course doesn't really break anything.

Anyway, just saying... I'd rather have QoL-updates than content, even though it's cool they're doing that. - I've already commented on their update-page and such, but unless they've already quietly improved things, I doubt they'll do much about it as they claim this is their last update. - Could imply content specifically, but perhaps they're actually just done in general.
dpanter Aug 7, 2023
By the way, Strident made the Broforce theme song. Full version on Youtube, as well as Bandcamp and the soundtrack is of course available on Steam.

Last edited by dpanter on 7 August 2023 at 5:52 pm UTC
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