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Get highly rated modern platformers like A Hat in Time in this bundle

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Ready for a big new bundle of games? Love your modern highly rated platformers like A Hat in Time? Check out the Masterful Modern 3D Platformers on Humble Bundle.

As per usual to save you clicking around below you'll see the expected compatibility on Steam Deck and Linux desktop, along with any ProtonDB rating and noting any Native Linux versions available. Plus each is a Steam link, so you can go see more info on each if you need to.

What you can get:

A Hat in Time + Seal the Deal DLC

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Gold

Hell Pie

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

Kao the Kangaroo - Anniversary Edition

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum
  • + 30% off Bend the Rooles DLC

The Spirit and the Mouse

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • No ProtonDB Rating

Demon Turf

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

New Super Lucky's Tale

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

Pumpkin Jack

  • steam deck verified Deck Verified
  • ProtonDB Platinum

See the full bundle here.

You also don't want to miss High On Life, The Outer Worlds, Journey To The Savage Planet and more in their other bundle.

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Pengling Aug 24, 2023
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  • Supporter
This bundle is worth it for New Super Lucky's Tale alone - superb game, and a lovely spot of cheery optimism in a games market that still leans a bit too heavily towards dystopian pessimism.
StoneColdSpider Aug 24, 2023
Quoting: PenglingThis bundle is worth it for New Super Lucky's Tale alone
But if I have the "Super Lucky Tale" then it wasnt very lucky for the animal was it???......
chickenb00 Aug 25, 2023
I bought A Hat In Time for my wife, who loved it so we bought the DLCs which were also good. Then I bought the physical cart for Switch so I could share the game with her family. Then I bought the game+DLC+OST package on Steam for myself since I enjoyed it so much. It's a really great game, and the Steam Workshop mods are fun to use (Half-Life crowbar!) And at least on Steam Deck, you can install new mods from the workshop while playing the game! Amazing!
psycho_driver Aug 26, 2023
Last time I tried A Hat in Time I (several months ago) I couldn't get it to run. I have owned it since Virtual Programming was doing a port of it that disappeared :(
Klaas Aug 26, 2023
What I don't understand is that the bundle page promises an additional 45% off coupon for the Oh! Well DLC for Kao – which I didn't receive…

Edit: It still says you get 11 articles (not sure about the wording since it's Germany for me and I'm not happy that they include coupons to inflate the numbers) and I only got 10.

Last edited by Klaas on 26 August 2023 at 2:21 pm UTC
Klaas Aug 27, 2023
Crosspost from the forum for those that don't look over there:
QuoteI've started The Spirit and the Mouse from Humble Bundle yesterday evening am I've completed the game (modulo one achievement) in under 7 hours. It's a mixture of tasks and collectathon with a cute theme – and it's on the easy side. You cannot die and the movement on tiny ledges is only necessary to get all light bulbs. Light bulbs are required to unlock purchasable upgrades – the ingame currency is energy which is unlimited. Smaller sources of energy respawn upon loading the game or switching areas. At the end of the game you can purchases map markers for light bulbs in exchange for energy.
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