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Portal: Revolution is an upcoming fully-featured Portal 2 prequel mod

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Well this is exciting! Modders sure do some amazing stuff with Valve games. Portal: Revolution releasing 5th January, 2024 is a new story with original characters, acting as a full gameplay prequel to Portal 2.

You play as a test subject who is awoken by a personality sphere called Stirling and join his mission to find a powerful device capable of restoring Aperture to its former glory.

Set in the dead and decaying Aperture facility the developers say it will present you with over 40 new puzzles, and they will use mechanics "not seen in Portal 2". How difficult will it be? They say "Portal: Revolutions puzzle difficulty starts where Portal 2 stops" but the new mechanics will be taught as you go along like any good puzzle game does. You can expect somewhere around 5-7 hours playtime.

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How was it made? They said it's using a "modified version of Portal 2: Community Edition's engine, which is a custom version of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Source Engine branch using licensed source code provided by Valve Software" which has allowed them to expand it and provide mechanics and various game engine improvements that weren't possible in the original Portal 2.

You can follow on Steam and the official site.

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sonic2kk Nov 21, 2023
As a huge Portal fan with about 100 hours on each game singleplayer (and maybe less than 10 hours total being spent on the co-op/workshop content), this isn't doing it for me. It feels like "Portal Reloaded" all over again.

For me, Portal and Half-Life mods are, 9 times out of 10, missing something. It's hard to put my finger on, but virtually all fan-games suffer from this. Portal and Half-Life fan games, including Portal 2 Workshop levels, just feel like they're missing the "Valve touch", like how Mario, Zelda, and Metroid fan-games are always missing the "Nintendo" touch. Maybe other Nintendo fangames feel this way too but these are the only ones I have experience with.

There's something about how the levels here appear to look and play, they go for the kinetic feel which is great, but Valve's levels have this certain feel that is very good at allowing you to think for a long time without being distracted by the level. It gets out of your way when you're trying to solve it, in a way that I have yet to see other Portal-inspired creations do. To go back to Nintendo again, the puzzles in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom have the same feel, though with the "Nintendo" puzzle mindset, which is distinctly different than the Valve one in a way I can't quite explain.

I'm also not sure how I feel about the brand-new story, considering how closely tied Portal and Half-Life are, but I'm willing to forgive a story that doesn't quite feel like Portal if the gameplay does. That will remain to be seen though.

Having said this, that "Valve touch" is not infallable, as we've seen with Half-Life: Source, which is just as bad as missing the mark as Black Mesa was. In terms of Portal though, Valve have been solid. The only fangame to seemingly come close is Portal 64. Just by looking at this trailer I'm less than thrilled to see another Portal fan game, but I can appreciate the dedication and hard work just the way I can with community Portal 2 maps all the same.

I just don't quite think it's "Portal".

Last edited by sonic2kk on 21 November 2023 at 8:34 pm UTC
Soulprayer Nov 21, 2023
Quoting: Eike
Quoting: SoulprayerCool. Portal 2 was awesome, looking forward for this mod!

Did you play Portal Stories: Mel already? If you're into a challenge, in classic/hard mode? The puzzles are great. I was unhappy I wasn't allowed to pay money for the game!
Oooh! Cool! Thanks!!
neolith Nov 22, 2023
Quoting: Pengling
Quoting: neolithDid I see portable portals?
And if played on a Steam Deck, they'd be portable portals whilst playing Portal on a portable!
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