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Open source simulation game OpenTTD has a big new v14 update coming

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OpenTTD, an open source simulation games based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe is getting close to a big new release, with version 14 bringing many new features and improvements. The second Beta was released on February 4th.

While it was originally based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe and retains the familiar feel of the classics, it's very much expanded into its own game. It's also entirely standalone, so you don't need anything extra to play it. Just grab OpenTTD and away you go.

With v14 on the way now one of the new features includes an infinite money mode, so you can really play around as much as you want and basically do anything at that point. There's a new properly scalable font, shading added to river slopes to make them looks nice, a plugin framework for social integrations with Steam / Discord and others and rather a lot of gameplay-specific additions of which you can see below:

Feature: Order option to unbunch vehicles at depot (#11945)
Feature: Infinite money mode (#11902)
Feature: Setting to disable the loading speed penalty for trains longer than the station (#11682)
Feature: Plugin framework for Social Integration with Steam, Discord, GOG, etc (#11628)
Feature: Scalable OpenTTD TrueType font made by Zephyris (#11593)
Feature: Toyland-specific river graphics (#11523)
Feature: Add zoom level buttons to sprite aligner (#11518)
Feature: Add shading to river slopes (#11491)
Feature: Place cargo icon on cargo filter dropdowns (#11487)
Feature: Mode to display timetable in seconds (#11435)
Feature: Setting to influence how many minutes a calendar year takes (#11428)
Feature: Base graphics can offer parameters for additional settings (#11347)
Feature: Sandbox option to lock station ratings at 100% (#11346)
Feature: Setting to use real-time "wallclock" as timekeeping units (#11341)
Feature: Setting to automatically restart server based on hours played (#11142)
Feature: Add config option to set default company secondary colour for new games (#11068)
Feature: Transparency option for cost and income indicators (#11001)
Feature: Create group of vehicles from manage vehicle list button (#10890)
Feature: Show coverage highlight the same as stations when adding waypoints (#10875)
Feature: Show the number of industries already built in the Fund New Industry window (#10806)
Feature: Add search filter and name text to build waypoint window (#10786)
Feature: Setting to disallow level crossings with competitors (#10755)
Feature: Opt-in survey when leaving a game (#10719)
Feature: Replace buying/selling company shares with hostile takeovers of AI companies (#10709, #10914)
Feature: Settings to scale cargo production of towns and industries (#10606)
Feature: Separate rail/road and sea/air velocity units, and add knots (#10594)
Feature: Region-based pathfinder for ships (#10543)
Feature: Filter engine build menu by name and NewGRF extra text (#10519)
Feature: Industry directory text filter (#10518)
Feature: Ctrl+Click to reset late counter for the entire vehicle group (#10464)
Feature: Orientation of rail and road depots can be changed (#9642)
Feature: Display help and manuals in-game (#7786)
Feature: [NewGRF] Town production effect and multiplier (#11947)
Feature: [NewGRF] Randomize direction of rail vehicle on build based on probability callback (#11489)
Feature: [NewGRF] Related Act2 objects for airports and airport tiles (#11282)
Feature: [NewGRF] Allow higher max speeds for ships (#10734)
Feature: [NewGRF] Increase limit of objects/stations/roadstops per NewGRF (#10672)
Feature: [NewGRF] Road stops (#10144)
Feature: [Script] Goal destination can be updated (#10817)
Add: Argument for console command "restart" to use either current or newgame settings (#11962, #11963)
Add: {CURRENCY_SHORT} only did k / m suffix. Add bn / tn and make translatable (#11921)
Add: Show in multiplayer the amount of hours a game has been unpaused (#11886)
Add: Allow loading heightmaps from command-line (#11870)
Add: List_[scenario|heightmap] and load_[scenario|height] console commands (#11867)
Add: Latvian Lats currency (#11691)
Add: Horizontal scroll for script debug log (#11597)
Add: GUI options to select sprite font and AA mode for all fonts (#11593)
Add: Website button for basesets in Game Options window, the Game Script settings window and AI settings window (#11512)
Add: [Emscripten] Support for bootstrapping (#11109)
Add: Hotkey to focus town / industry directory filter box (#11030)
Add: Maximum number of companies allowed to the client list (#10523)
Add: Use specific error message when vehicle cannot go to station/waypoint (#10494)
Add: Show NewGRF name in NewGRF-created errors (#10457)
Add: Alternative setting for right-click close window option to exclude pinned windows (#10204)
Add: Allow autoreplace with same model vehicle (#7729)
Add: [NewGRF] Allow inspection of road tiles and airports (#11282, #11323)
Add: [NewGRF] Station variable 6B to get extended station id of nearby tiles (#10953)
Add: [NewGRF] String code "9A 21" to display force from textstack (#10782)
Add: [NewGRF] Station property 1C/1D to set name/classname (#10672)
Add: [Script] Optional filter parameter to ScriptXXXList constructors (#11698,#11663)
Add: [Script] AI/GS Time Mode to choose between economy (default) and calendar time (#11603)
Add: [Script] Allow to set max loan for each company separately (#11224)
Add: [Script] GSIndustry.GetConstructionDate() method (#11145)
Add: [Script] Game script control of industry production level and news messages (#11141)
Add: [Script] GSAsyncMode to set async mode of gamescript commands (#10913)
Add: [Script] GSCompanyMode::IsValid and IsDeity, and enforce valid company/deity mode where applicable (#10536, #10529)
Add: [Script] Allow GS to found town with random road layout (#10442)
Add: [Script] Create own Randomizer per instance (#10349)

That's…a lot of goodies. And of course there's various other smaller changes and numerous bug fixes.

See the full current v14 changelog for more.

OpenTTD is completely free available from the official site and Steam.

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Oo, nice! Lots of little improvements all over here.
Great to see this game continue to evolve. One question, how does it adapt to modern resolutions? Last time I tried it, it was so damn small on a 4K screen
starfarer Feb 7
I know that this is not supported by the engine but I wish there was a real underground mode, not just tunnels. Something like in Simutrans. Now it someone tells me to play Simutrans the only thing I can say is: I tried. I tried oh so many times. So, so many times. I just couldn't get into it. :/
Quoting: robertosf92Great to see this game continue to evolve. One question, how does it adapt to modern resolutions? Last time I tried it, it was so damn small on a 4K screen
I don't know how it'd be at 4K; I play at 1440p and that works, using the UI scaling.
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