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GitLab takes down Nintendo Switch emulator suyu due to the DMCA

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Update 22/03/24, 10:56 UTC - While GitLab have not responded to my email, the team behind suyu are continuing on. As one of their team posted in Discord, which seems invites are open for again:

So they will be sticking to their own hosted Git now.

Original article below:

Well, that didn't last long did it. After a first release, GitLab have already pulled down the Nintendo Switch emulator suyu, due to a DMCA hit as a result of it being forked from yuzu which Nintendo shut down.

Even though the suyu team were doing it as a non-profit, with no way to donate, it seems this didn't matter because it's based on a project that was already taken down. The GitLab page now just gives a 404 error — it's just gone. The suyu Discord is also no longer accepting invites, probably due to an influx of people wondering what's going on.

A few people managed to grab the notice that was sent to the suyu team like Mr. Sujano on X:

So it looks like this may very well be the end of the road for suyu on GitLab. At least for emulation fans, Ryujinx is still going. Since yuzu was open source though, Nintendo will have plenty of trouble fully erasing it, since even a very quick Google search showed up plenty of it still existing on the web across various places. 

I've reached out to GitLab for more info…will update if they reply.

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kerossin Mar 21
"previously received a DMCA notice"

But was it an actually legit DMCA? Does the project contain any copyrighted material?

At the same time I actually doubt they would bother to properly check. They can't even be bothered to fix well known 5 year old bugs so they're probably not gonna do something for someone else when it also could go into legal matters.
Lofty Mar 21
Not that i ever want to side with a giant mega corporation but i can kind of understand the perspective on switch emulation, i mean people are emulating games that are practically day one release on emulators, sometimes games that have been leaked. And there was a whole highly visible monetary aspect to it too. Emulation is meant for game preservation and nostalgia (edit* i stand corrected.. not exclusively) It's not very nostalgic emulating a current gen game on non supported hardware and it's not a game that needs preserving whilst its still on immediate sale.

The whole name of this project is obviously a troll towards Nintendo too so their reaction was to be expected.

Emulation will continue though. one way or another, which is great.

Last edited by Lofty on 22 March 2024 at 1:23 am UTC
jordicoma Mar 21
Now they just host they own repository
Nozo Mar 21
Since Yuzu is under the GPLv3 license, someone should contact the FSF to keep an eye on Nintendo and begin tracking any potential GPL violation perpetuated by the company, Nintendo may want to see how far they can stretch this.

Last edited by Nozo on 21 March 2024 at 9:05 pm UTC
Quoting: NozoSince Yuzu is under the GPL license, someone should contact the FSF to keep an eye on Nintendo and begin tracking any potential GPL violation perpetuated by the company, Nintendo may want to see how far they can stretch this.

Ooh. That's a good point.
tfk Mar 21
If you strike us down, we'll become more powerf... Oh sh*t!
Good on them to host their own git. An emulator doesn't necessarily mean it's used for piracy.

What if I don't like to strain my eyes looking at a tiny screen to play a game I love (please don't get me started about the HDMI dock), or if I wish to play the game at a higher framerate rather than the 30fps joke.

Personally I have a still functioning PS2 console but will take the emulator over it any day. I keep a small collection of original games and it's nice to play them at a better quality from time to time.
Termy 7 years Mar 21
And this is exactly why the DMCA (and most of the anachronistic copyright-bullshit that currently constitutes the legal frameworks around the world) is an absolute cancer...
Talon1024 Mar 21
Quoting: jordicomaNow they just host they own repository

And the DMCA button (lower right corner) is a Rick roll!
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