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Combined Arms (OpenRA) for Command & Conquer just had a huge upgrade

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Need some more RTS in your life? Combined Arms is one of my favourites. Built on the free and open source OpenRA, it brings together the Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod and Scrin. The modders working on it have done some really impressive stuff with it and the latest version sounds awesome.

Version 1.02 released April 5th and brought with it some big new features like smart casting for unit abilities, 72 new maps, a whole bunch of new voice lines, new visual effects and much more.

You can play it completely free since it depends on OpenRA which is open source, plus the original C&C games were set free a long time ago by EA. Although they are once again selling them on Steam in the Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection for convenience. But Combined Arms will pull what it needs from the previous freeware releases for you. No set-up needed.

Some of the biggest stuff in v1.02 includes:


  • Smart casting for unit abilities (by default only the closest unit to the target will fire & ctrl can be used to force all selected units to fire).
  • New tech structure: Oil Refinery. Grants the owner a 10% production discount. Added to several team game maps.
  • Added button in skirmish/multiplayer lobby to reset options to defaults.
  • Added Fast Regrowth lobby option.
  • Overhauled Mini Drone attachment (making them easier to attach and less glitchy).
  • Improved support power targeting visuals.
  • Vehicles/aircraft can be sold at Service Depots.
  • Multi-Queue Scaled - Removed Optimized Production upgrades. Associated discounts are permanently provided by the relevant T2/T3 structures being built.
  • Lowered selection priority for transport aircraft.
  • 20 new 1v1 maps.
  • 52 new team game maps (17x 2v2, 15x 3v3, 10x 4v4, 8x 5v5, 2x 6v6)
  • Added Testing Grounds map.

Artwork & SFX

  • New voice lines for many units: Chrono Prison, Battle Fortress, Mirage Tank, Cryo Launcher, Siege Tank, Sukhoi, Halo, Thief, Eradicator, Disruptor, Mammoth Tank, Titan, Juggernaut, Battle Drone, Mammoth Drone, X-O Powersuit, Comanche, Microwave Tank, Spectre, Venom, Acolyte, Templar and Heavy Flame Tank.
  • New voice announcements for upgrades: Seismic Missiles, Railgun Titan, Ion Mammoth, Hover Mammoth, Battle Drone, Intensified Microwaves.
  • Improved custom RA EVA voice line effects.
  • Added/updated transport loading and aircraft takeoff/landing sound effects.
  • Added IFV transform sound.
  • Added additional visual when units are upgrading.
  • Added brass casings ejected from vehicles/aircraft with machine guns.
  • New sound effects for Vulcan weapon.
  • Impact sound effects for Shard Launcher, Gun Walker, Shard Walker, Ravager, Lacerator.
  • Scaled down Stormrider/Venom/Enervator.
  • Range circle for radar jamming field is now player coloured.

See more on the Mod DB page. The Linux version comes as an AppImage so you should be able to run it anywhere.

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