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Lefties unite! Counter-Strike 2 now lets you swap hands

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All you Lefties out there can finally get properly represented, in Counter-Strike 2 that is, as there's now the ability to swap your weapons into the other hand.

The latest update to CS2 adds in weapon hand swapping, with an option to set your preferred hand. Plus there's a keybind to swap around mid-game too whenever you feel like it. Nice. I know, this isn't truly breaking news but hey - it's nice to see such a feature for those that want it right?

The buy menu was also updated with some new tricks too like showing you the minimum amount of cash you'll have next round to make purchase planning a bit easier, and there's now a dropped weapons panel where you can see and actually pick up any weapons around you dropped by you or teammates. Sound quite useful!

Other UI changes include a line-up reticle for grenade throwing, along with new hotkeys to adjust the radar map zoom level actually during a match. There's also a scoreboard on the ESC menu now, a kill feed icon for in-air kills and an icon to show bots on the scoreboard.

Plus various other changes.

Personally, I'm just waiting for Danger Zone 2.0. I feel a bit lost with it, it was good fun. Do you think Valve will bring it back for Counter-Strike 2.0? With the big engine upgrades they could probably do a lot more with it now too.

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Quoting: NathanaelKStottlemyerEverything from ice scream scoops to scissors are against us, It's nice to know that valve has our back.
I'm a little surprised it took this long honestly, TF2 has had left-handed view models for years.

Quoting: Purple Library GuyThat's nice to see. Not that I ever play shooty games, but I'm left handed so it's a good feeling.
Have you mentioned being left handed before? I had a strange premonition as I clicked on the article that you would say that.
Quoting: PhiladelphusHave you mentioned being left handed before?
Maybe? No recollection, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's come up.
redneckdrow Apr 27
Quoting: Purple Library GuyThat's nice to see. Not that I ever play shooty games, but I'm left handed so it's a good feeling.

You and me both, brother!

This is great, but, realism be darned, I would like to have an old-school centered option as well as left and right. The only shooter I'm any good at is Wolf3D.

Without revealing too much, Cerebral palsy has left () me left-handed. Thus, in non-turn-based games, I'm usually resigned to using a controller or joystick.

I wish more games would still let one use either the mouse or keyboard exclusively, instead of requiring me to juggle both. The only ways I can manage to move in pc games that require both are mashing W or the up arrow with my right thumb. But after ~30 years of using computers, I'm somewhat used to it.
brokeassben Apr 27
Slightly off topic, but I've had a ton of issues with CS2 with it going from 4-6GB of RAM usage and 100 fps after a couple rounds of death match or arms race all the way up to 20ish GB with its performance tanking to single digits fps. Lowering texture quality delays that memory creep a bit, but it does eventually happen. Playing on the map, Shoots, makes that RAM usage spike super quickly and it doesn't recover till I close out of the game and re-open it.

There's a github issue here dating back to February, but no updates. Anyone else experiencing this?
Anza Apr 28
Quoting: denyasisOoooo, with the key bind to switch it, i hope it's only a matter of time till they implement alternate hands for us cross hand/eye dominant people!!

Or I could just do it with the key bind manually!! Lol!

The key binding probably is there probably help competitive play a bit. Gun model can block the view, so learning when to switch the hand can give a competitive edge.

That I don't know what what was Valves actual motivation behind the change.
g000h Apr 29
Personally, I hate the gun models in first person shooter games. I want to see the full background view of the landscape with just a cross-hair for aiming, and no gun model obscuring up to 25% of the screen.

(I wish the games had the option to turn OFF the gun models in their settings.)

Last edited by g000h on 29 April 2024 at 12:44 am UTC
Quoting: g000h(I wish the games had the option to turn OFF the gun models in their settings.)

It would be nice if games would portray gunplay more realistically. Light weapons always at the ready, but heavier weapons, like assault rifles, have to be brought to the ready first. In fights, the purchase price is usually not the deciding factor as to whether a pistol, submachine gun or long weapon is used. Blocking the field of view can be one aspect of it.
Milanium Apr 29
That is a nice minor detail, but I think the major performance problems on Linux and the blatant cheating problem that got even worse since they removed overwatch and made the game free to play need to be addressed first.
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