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While we only recently had the Zelda 64: Recompiled release, we've now also got another PC port of Zelda: Majora's Mask thanks to the Harbour Masters team with 2 Ship 2 Harkinian.

This one is from the same team that made Ship of Harkinian, a PC port of Ocarina of Time, and so they've expanded their work to Majora's Mask. You do need a ROM file, so you'll need to actually have your own copy of the game to be able to play it. So much like the previous two links above, hopefully Nintendo won't come along and nuke it.

With this first release the main highlights are:

  • Support for higher frame rates
    Similar to SoH, 2Ship allows you to up the framerate to as high as you want using Matrix Interpolation! The game logic still runs at 20 FPS, so this is all purely visual and won’t change any authentic game behavior.
  • Frame buffer effects - We hacked our way around needing to solve this in SoH, but with 2Ship we have a working frame buffer implementation that allows us to accurately recreate these effects like Motion Blur or capturing images for the PictoBox. You can read our blog post about this here.
  • Free look - More camera freedom by allowing you to control your third person camera with the right analog stick.
  • Save related enhancements - Added the ability to auto save at timed intervals, back-ported "pause saving" from OoT, and preventing Owl Saves from being self-destructed when you load in.
  • Binary Save Import - While on file select screen, drag and drop save files from Recomp or Emulators to import your save into 2Ship. (Works with all of the save formats we were able to get our hands on, if you have something that doesn't work please create an issue on GitHub!)
  • DPad Items - Equip any item or mask to any DPad slot!
  • HUD Editor - Allow you to move and scale all elements of the hud. Includes presets for 4:3 (original) and widescreen HUDs.
  • Support for both N64 1.0 USA and GameCube USA roms!

See more on the GitHub. The project is under the CC0 1.0 Universal license and has releases for Linux and Windows.

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massatt212 May 27
is there one for mario 64?
Quoting: massatt212is there one for mario 64?

Mario 64 is already fully decompiled:
Calinou May 27
Quoting: massatt212is there one for mario 64?

https://sm64coopdx.com/ is my go-to option nowadays. It's geared towards multiplayer but can play singleplayer just fine too, with support for arbitrary FPS and mods.
lqe5433 May 28
How it was possible without a 100% decomp?
Smoke39 May 28
Quoting: lqe5433How it was possible without a 100% decomp?
Last I heard, 2s2h is incorporating a bunch of pull requests that haven't been merged into the main decomp project yet, and what little was left after that they did themselves. As I understand it, the decomp project has a very stringent process because it's aiming for a well-documented, perfect recreation of the original source, whereas 2s2h just needed something functional, which is how they were able to get a little ahead of the decomp.
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