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Well, here's a bit of a nuisance. Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT is launching on May 16th and the developers have explained how it will work on Steam Deck but it's a mixture of good and bad news.

Sadly on Steam Deck and presumably desktop Linux too, since they both use Proton, you'll only be able to play single-player. At least, for now, until Valve can sort out whatever the issues are preventing the online mode from working.

Here's what the developer said:

Steam Deck support

We know many of you are eager to play Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on handheld gaming devices like the Steam Deck. We're happy to share that the single player experience, including the Iki Island expansion, can be enjoyed on Steam Deck and similar handheld gaming PCs as we’ve worked extensively to optimize performance and deliver the best possible experience on these devices.

You may notice that Steam marks the game as 'Unsupported' for Steam Deck. This is due to the Legends co-op multiplayer mode requiring Windows to access PlayStation Network integrated features.

For those confused, the game will have a brand new never-seen before PlayStation Overlay shipping in this game first, which hooks into the PlayStation Network for things like Friends, Trophies and more.

It may very well be the case that for now, Proton (the Windows compatibility layer), is just missing some features that need to be hooked up in a future Proton release. We've seen this sort of thing happen in the past and eventually Proton updates catch up with what's needed. So, all hope may not be lost, we just have to wait and see what Valve have to say about it. Concerning to see though, because no doubt a lot of future Sony PlayStation titles coming to PC will have this new PlayStation Network overlay. I've emailed Valve for info on this.

Worth pointing out at this point too, just like with Helldivers 2, the game has been restricted on Steam with various places unable to buy it due to the PSN requirement for the online mode.

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rustigsmed May 15
only single player suits me. a shame it isn't on GoG like the other recent Sony releases drm free.
ToddL May 15
Quoting: slaapliedjeI beat this on the PS4, but had no idea actually that they added a Multiplayer, doesn't seem like it'd be a game that'd work well as multiplayer anyhow.

They added it a several months later after the release of the game, which surprised everyone at the time and a lot of people liked it. The multiplayer mode is co-op with up to three additional players.

Quoting: rustigsmedonly single player suits me. a shame it isn't on GoG like the other recent Sony releases drm free.

It's probably going to be some time before it shows up on GOG. God of War was the latest release that appeared on GOG this year and Nixxes would need to add the required SDKs to make the multiplayer work.

Last edited by ToddL on 15 May 2024 at 2:20 pm UTC
Sakuretsu May 15
Didn't even know this game had a multiplayer mode and personally couldn't care less about it.

The only reason I'm considering buying GoT is because of the single-player experience.
slaapliedje May 15
Quoting: SakuretsuDidn't even know this game had a multiplayer mode and personally couldn't care less about it.

The only reason I'm considering buying GoT is because of the single-player experience.
It was fun. One of the few games I've played to the end. Usually, I get bored and move onto something else.
kokoko3k May 16
I don'know if this is due to some kind of anticheat/kernel level stuff, but I was thinking, if developers are so concerned about cheaters, then why don't they make it optional and let players themselves decide what kind/level of "protection" they want?

It is certainly feasible and probably cheap too, to create 2 different networks like, say, 'Cheat-free' and 'The Wild', second one not tied to stricter anticheat measures.

I'm sure "real cheaters™ don't use drugs the latter".
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Will this issue affect also multiplayer-only games such as Helldivers 2? Because Sony will definitely put the same PSN integration in previously released games. The recent stepping back will be just temporary, in a way to keep a low profile on it.
CatKiller May 16
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Quoting: TevurIt's a shame that Sony at first secures a place in PC Gamers heart for bringing great games like Horizon, God of War, Returnal, Last of Us and more to PC and than so clumsily tear it down with this absolut very bullshit.
WHY? It makes absolutely no sense at all.
On the offchance that you genuinely don't understand this:

Sony already has a platform that handles storage, sales, updates, achievements and player chat for hundreds of millions of players. Of course they'd rather PC players used that than Sony having to pay Valve 30% for the privilege of using their equivalent. They're way better provisioned than the likes of EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Paradox, or Epic, who are all trying to do the same thing.

Rolling PSN out for PC players is going to take time and money, though, both of which would be wasted if there isn't actually a market for PlayStation games on PC. So you port a few games as a trial balloon - older ones, that aren't really selling PlayStations on their own any more - so if they flop you're only out the porting costs rather than the cost of the full network rollout as well.

If that works, try a simultaneous release for PlayStation and PC to gauge how much you gain from PC sales relative to how much you lose from PlayStation sales.

Then you have the data for which will give you the best outcome - rolling out PSN for PC, giving up 30% of your sales revenue on PC, or giving up PC entirely.
CatKiller May 16
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Quoting: GuestI think at this point, I’m worried that at some point PlayStation is going to start charging money to play their games online on PC.

Why would they?

They copied that idea from Microsoft since Microsoft got away with it for Xbox. Microsoft haven't done that for PC games (although they do offer a subscription service).

Sony have always had a fully-loaded foot gun, but this doesn't seem like a realistic fear at all.
Quoting: CatKillerSony have always had a fully-loaded foot gun
fagnerln May 16
I hate sony and most of their woke exclusives (not sure if it's the case of this specific game, but I don't care anyway), so I have a little interest in this game...

However, why are we complaining about this? It's nice that it at least run! There's a lot of games that disallow to play single player game because of online bullshit. For example is FIFA/EA-FC, I have no interest in playing that online-loot-box mode, I only want to play a local 1v1 against my friend, which I can't because of anti cheat.

So I think that this is better than nothing... Sony isn't that bad with Linux support.
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