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One problem with a few handheld vendors is that they constantly spawn new models, and it seems like MSI are now doing the same with the MSI Claw 8 AI+ gaming handheld.

While most handheld vendors (like Valve with the Steam Deck) go for AMD, MSI with the Claw went for Intel. It didn't go particularly well, with a lot of reviews absolutely slating it. The Verge pulled no punches and said bluntly "The MSI Claw is an embarrassment".

So what are they doing? Well of course, just three months later they're announcing a whole new model with the MSI Claw 8 AI+ that's powered by Intel's Lunar Lake. Yes, that's really its name. It has AI in the title, because clearly that's how you sell things now, everything needs to somehow mention AI.

From their very short press release on it:

MSI proudly introduces the Claw 8 AI+, the world's first gaming handheld powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors (codenamed “Lunar Lake”). This revolutionary device boasts an 8-inch FHD display, a Thunderbolt 4-supported USB-C port, enhanced LB/RB button feedback, increased battery capacity, and a lighter charger, making it the most powerful 8-inch gaming handheld on the market.

Additionally from their other press release:

In addition to the next-gen processor's improved energy efficiency, MSI has actively listened to user feedback and upgraded several hardware specifications accordingly, such as adding an additional Thunderbolt 4-supported USB-C port, enhancing the tactile feel of the LB/RB buttons, increasing battery capacity, and replacing the charger with a lighter wall-mounted charger. Claw 8 AI+ is expected to be the most advanced 8-inch gaming handheld in the market. After the official release, a one-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass will be provided, allowing users to enjoy the most popular AAA games of the moment.

They didn't include a price, expected release date or even any pictures of it in the short press note. So not exactly showing too much confidence in it. Digital Trends did snap a few pics of it though:

Like most handhelds though, it will still ship with Windows 11. So you'll have to wait until the likes of ChimeraOS and Bazzite get the driver situation sorted if you wanted to test out Linux on it.

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DrNick Jun 4
Rapid Revision Buzzword McHandheld V2!
CatKiller Jun 4
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  • Supporter Plus
QuoteYes, that's really is its name. It has AI in the title, because clearly that's how you sell things now, everything needs to somehow mention AI.
To be fair, the previous one's full name was "MSI Claw A1M," but no one said that because it was stupid. So it's not adding the "AI" bit, just making an existing bit into "AI." Likely for that sweet, sweet Intel marketing money, almost certainly to go with the Microsoft marketing money for making a Windows handheld.
artixbtw Jun 4
Can't even follow the handheld market without being reminded that M$ wants all its users to worship AI.
kerossin Jun 4
"AI+" in the name makes it sound like a garbage toy.
based Jun 4
No thanks I'll wait another 3 months for the next version, and another, and another...
ToddL Jun 4
Quoting: basedNo thanks I'll wait another 3 months for the next version, and another, and another...
It sounds like MSI is pulling a Ayaneo and GPD at the rate this is going and if this one doesn't take off, will either have a V3 or they'll pull out of the handheld market.
Jarmer Jun 4
Poor MSI. I think they at least used to make high quality pc components, but nowadays it just seems like they've completely lost their way. I'm sure some executive somewhere is demanding different markets and blah blah corpospeak, but it's just ......... sad. Definitely diminishes my feelings on the company, and makes me think twice about buying components from them in the future.

They have this idiotic AI powered handheld (what does that even mean?) - oh, but it's still intel. and oh, but it's still windows. Dead before launch.

They somehow have a laptop that's partnered with Mercedes? Do what now? This doesn't even make sense.
i bet it's gonna have recall... nobody buy this please for the love god.
Claw games on an MSI Claw while dressed as Dr. Claw.
Pengling Jun 4
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  • Supporter
Was I the only one who saw this thing and thought that it looks a bit like a descendant of the ill-fated Tiger Electronics

I actually bought into the at the UK launch, but it was SO BAD that I had to take it back for a refund.

Quoting: Linux_RocksClaw games on an MSI Claw while dressed as Dr. Claw.
I'll get you next time, Gadget! NEXT TIME!
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