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Google Stadia is out now for early adopters, well a few anyway

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Today, the Google Stadia streaming service officially launched for those who picked up the Founder or Premier Edition.

Well, sort of anyway. Some people have it, a lot of people don't, we certainly don't and it appears the team at Stadia give different answers to different people on when you will actually be able to access it. I've also seen plenty of people whose orders have been cancelled without warning or explanation. Even worse still, some people have been sent their hardware without an access code. Google have, so far, done a terrible job at communicating on Stadia and so the initial launch doesn't seem to have gone down well at all.

Oh, they also have the most ridiculous launch trailer I've ever seen:

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The more I think about it, the more amazed I am at just how badly this has been managed. Take a look at the actual proper Stadia website for example, there's not a contact or support link in sight.

So they originally had a tiny lineup, then did a Reddit AMA where they said a bunch of the hooks they used to get people in weren't actually ready at all and hastily announced a few more games just before release. Nothing about it has so far looked like they've been in any way prepared to launch a gaming service.

One thing that I've seen confirmed now, as many suspected, is that input lag does seem to be a real problem. Google talked big about their powerful hardware and everything they were doing to bring it down, but it seems they haven't solved anything at all so far. Looking at the Eurogamer article, the input lag table included was quite impressive. This video from The Post also makes it look pretty awful.

From what Jason Schreier of Kotaku said on Twitter from "one person involved" that "preorders were below expectations". I really can't get my head around that. Somehow, they didn't get as many preorders as they had hoped and simultaneously failed to get them into the hands of people who did buy into it early. Words are honestly failing me right now. Incredible.

Eventually, at some point we will get access to it to report on how it works when played on a Linux desktop. When that is, I can't tell you, Google can't either. We're playing delivery bingo right now.

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BielFPs 19 Nov, 2019
I wish you good luck beta testers
kellerkindt 19 Nov, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Well, and here is me. Me hoped that the stadia experience would be kinda solid, giving Valve enough reasons to push full steam ahead (haha! sry) using the Linux container env as cloud env allowing us to play all the AAA games as they enter steam cloud gaming... Bye bye, me playing Red Dead Redemption 2 natively on Linux... :'(

One can have dreams, okay :P
kaiman 19 Nov, 2019
That trailer must be the best thing about Stadia I've seen so far.
sub 19 Nov, 2019
I somehow get the feeling there are many different stakeholders that just don't want to see this thing to be successful. Be it because some see their well known concept of a local gaming rig in danger or plain and simple competitors.

I'll take the many reports with a big grain of salt.
They are too diverging anyway.
Let's wait and see for yourself.
I'm pretty sure we'll get are totally objective review by you. ;)
Liam Dawe 19 Nov, 2019
Quoting: subI'm pretty sure we'll get are totally objective review by you. ;)
Of course, regardless of if we pay for it or we're given it, we say what we think. If it works fine in my own testing, I will say so. If it doesn't, I will also say so. If sometimes it does and others get the idea.
Doc Angelo 19 Nov, 2019
I find it to be interesting, that only the part from the video where it doesn't work well is posted everywhere on the web, but the part where it works well is omitted. The idea of streaming is interesting, and I'm eager what can be achieved with this.

However, Google indeed did fuck up in a lot of ways. The whole communication of what Stadia is was done really poor, that there's only 1 single title in the subscription is ridiculous, and the selection of titles is rather sparse. That they don't get the features in time for release is on top of that.
Hal_Kado 19 Nov, 2019
To be fair, making big promises you can't possible keep, then rushing an unfinished product out the door and fixing it post launch is actually pretty on brand for the games industry today.....
SuperTux 19 Nov, 2019
From what I glean from the Interwebs is that they give you the code 3 to 5 days after the item is shipped. No code on my end and so I guess it hasn't shipped.

Honestly want this more for BG3...

Last edited by SuperTux on 20 November 2019 at 12:27 am UTC
Kimyrielle 20 Nov, 2019
Quoting: subI somehow get the feeling there are many different stakeholders that just don't want to see this thing to be successful.

I am one of them. I want it to fail and fail hard. Because I don't like monopolies. We all know how this is going to end, right? Right now, Stadia is (or rather, wants to be) the Netflix of gaming. Then the big studios (ahem EA, Ubisoft, MS etc), will do the same thing the big content creators did to Netflix: Declaring 100% of their own content "exclusive" to their own streaming platforms. Google will react to that by tossing big bucks at developing their own exclusive stuff, because they can and want to stay in business. And now players will have to pay $$$ a month to 5-6 different platforms to get access to a halfway comprehensive library of games. The publishers will laugh at how we're now spending three times more money on gaming than in the olden days, when people used to buy good games in Steam sales, and laugh even harder at how they can dictate both prices and terms consumes without them having the slightest chance to do anything about it.

Brave new world.

...and I haven't even started to point out how ridiculous it is to produce multi-Gigabyte loads on your home internet per hour just to download pre-rendered sceens that a $400 GPU could render locally.

Last edited by Kimyrielle on 20 November 2019 at 12:02 am UTC
Purple Library Guy 20 Nov, 2019
That is quite the over-the-top trailer. I feel like I just went back in time 25 years, to when everyone claimed they were shifting the paradigms of reality with every new release of anything.
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The comments on this article are closed.