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Fancy getting in on the action? Black Riddles Studio has finally released an update to Crazy Justice [Steam] and we have some keys available. For a little history on it, see my previous article.

The game is currently in a closed beta, while they sort out all the kinks and get it into a properly playable state. The initial release was in pretty poor shape, but they’ve stuck at it. It’s taken them a while, but I’ve confirmed it personally that the Linux version does indeed work better now with plenty of caveats.

Performance still needs to be improved, especially when you’re about to jump from the ship onto the island as the FPS drops quite hard there. Once you jump out and land, it’s mostly okay again. I assume they need to work in a system to reduce view distance and resolution of the island while you're on the ship up high to improve performance (like other games do). They also have an issue with the render distance always on the lowest, so you might find yourself tripping other things as they suddenly appear right next to you. I've been told a hotfix may arrive tomorrow to solve the most pressing issues found.

There’s plenty of rough edges (that's being kind), however, I can finally see some promise in it now I’ve actually been able to jump on in and test it out myself. To be clear though, there's a rather large amount of bugs right now which I will continue to report to the developer.

Warning: Don’t jump into the water when you’re on the lobby island as it counts down to the start, you will die.

Warning #2: Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long. An issue will prevent you logging in if it's less.

They haven’t actually put up a changelog yet, so the exact fixes aren’t clear. Here’s what I know:

  • Fixed black patches everywhere on Linux
  • Fixed massive performance drop on Linux when the storm comes in
  • A new lobby island you start on while waiting for players (previously it started a game within seconds of you entering, so no one could really play together—woops)
  • Steam integration - the first time you login it will link to your Steam account so you don’t need to manually login again

“Shut up already, where’s the keys”

These keys are available to anyone registered and logged in on GamingOnLinux who has an account older than one day to prevent mass sign-up spam for people key poaching. If you sign up, you have to wait 24 hours.

Grab a key
You must be logged in to grab a key, your account must also be older than one day!

If you wish to attempt to play with others, feel free to join our Discord Channel to arrange games to join around the same time.

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ryanzerbe 1 Oct, 2018
RafiLinux 1 Oct, 2018
liberodark 1 Oct, 2018
thx for the key :D
Werner 1 Oct, 2018
after trying it out, i will leave it alone, sorry but this game is so bad made. Most of the time i am alone or if i have luck then with 1 opponent, the game lags as shit,.......
If this game has anytime soon some success, maybe after 1-2 years then i will give it another try, but right now it is not playable in my eyes.
dhellion 3 Oct, 2018
Quoting: ConfuciusIs there no way i can grab a key for my friends? They'd only create an account now, so they wouldn't be able to grab a key.

As for my account not having many interactions with the site: I'm just a lurker hehe.

Ask your friends to subscribe.
SpiderDerp 6 Dec, 2018
Can i have a steam-key?
tuubi 6 Dec, 2018
Quoting: SpiderDerpCan i have a steam-key?
Instructions for claiming your key are at the end of the article.
SpiderDerp 6 Dec, 2018
Quoting: tuubi
Quoting: SpiderDerpCan i have a steam-key?
Instructions for claiming your key are at the end of the article.
So will the key be automatically sent to me?
tuubi 6 Dec, 2018
Quoting: SpiderDerp
Quoting: tuubi
Quoting: SpiderDerpCan i have a steam-key?
Instructions for claiming your key are at the end of the article.
So will the key be automatically sent to me?
What happened when you clicked the blue "click here to claim" text?

Of course, if you signed up just for this less than 24 hours ago, you'll have to wait for a bit. As the article explains.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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