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I was surprised to see Dead Island Definitive Edition (and Riptide) released on Linux since Deep Silver claimed before hand it wouldn't be. After a small delay they did release it, but don't plan to support it.

The games do have issues on Linux where the mouse is super slow in the menus, graphical glitches and so on. Not all major issues, but still annoying.

I emailed them about it on their official support email they instructed me to do, and I got this sad reply:
Deep SilverDear Customer,

thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately there will be no further development for the Linux Version. If there are problems with the linux version, there is nothing we can do to improve he situation.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Update, they replied to me asking about why:
Deep SilverDear Customer,

thank you for your inquiry.

We don't know why - that is the information we get from the developer.

Update 2: Techland replied to me, they said speak to Deep Silver. I just did a support full circle, oh my.

TechlandDear Liam Dawe,

In accordance with our developer's agreement with the game's publisher, Deep Silver, who hold all of the assets and rights to all and any products related to the Dead Island series, we do not provide any support in regards to the aforementioned titles.

If you have any queries in relation to a Dead Island title, contact Deep Silver and they will surely provide you with the answers you seek.

Having said that, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

So it does seem it is totally out of Techland's hands now. Confusing, as Deep Silver say it is down to the developer and Techland claim they have nothing to do with it now.

It's fantastic to get such games and I am thankful we do, but why release a game and sell it without any intention of supporting it at all? As a customer who personally purchased the new and the old editions, it frustrates me.

As a writer, it annoys me to write about this sort of thing. I would rather have 100% positive articles about how amazing this next game is, but I don't want to hide from issues games, developers and publishers have.

How do you feel about this?

I am starting to feel like the relationship between Deep Silver and Techland is becoming a bit strained. Techland recently announced they are becoming a publisher, so maybe it has ruffled the feathers of the people at Deep Silver. Article taken from
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chui2ch 15 Jun, 2016
Would Techland still be supporting this? I have not purchased these games yet. I have been waiting to see what transpired since deep silver had stated before that they would not be supporting Linux.
Pecisk 15 Jun, 2016
I read this as "they don't have reliable developer to support this, nor they interested to find money for it. Take it as it is.".

I hope that doesn't mean they are burnt over this port.
Linas 15 Jun, 2016
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I really hope this is some sort of miscommunication. Otherwise it sounds a bit too much like "dear customer, fuck you, have a nice day."
zimplex1 15 Jun, 2016
Support for support. Otherwise fuck off.

This is just an insult.
stan 15 Jun, 2016
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Not a great answer, but I’ll just ignore it for now (because Deep Silver has shown us that they have no idea what’s going on with regards to Linux, and because the game works for me) and hope we’ll see more great games from Techland and Deep Silver in the future. If the games don’t work for you, you can at least ask for a refund.
Liam Dawe 15 Jun, 2016
Quoting: LinasI really hope this is some sort of miscommunication. Otherwise it sounds a bit too much like "dear customer, fuck you, have a nice day."
My email was a bug report, that was the reply.

Honestly, that quote is exactly how I feel :(
gbudny 15 Jun, 2016
In the past, there were unofficial versions of games for Linux published on a CD or unofficial Linux installers, which were more popular among users than officially supported games for this operating system.

Personally, I think it is a bad news that they do not want to support it, However, if they didn't use wine or something similar to create Dead Island Definitive Edition this version shouldn't be so problematic unless they didn't finish this game.
Storminator16 15 Jun, 2016
Quoting: zimplex1Support for support. Otherwise fuck off.

This is just an insult.

When they released this for Linux after initially saying they wouldn't, I was hoping this wasn't a cash grab. Oh, well, we got fooled.

Never again, Deep Silver. Never again.
omer666 15 Jun, 2016
In fact id software have had the same way of dealing with Linux in the past.
The difference is that the developer behind the ports was TTimo, and he was supporting his own ports on his free time, and was accessible by e-mail.

The problem with Dead Island Definitive Edition is that it is being advertised as a Linux/SteamOS game on storefront.
We know Deep Silver has an awful customer support. But that kind of nonsense is unacceptable... I just wonder what they get their money for. Developers should be careful about this, they could just distribute the game on their own, if the publisher does literally nothing and get paid.

That's dishonest towards the customers, and that's dishonest towards developers too. Those guys need to take their responsibilities. They take money, they do the job.
leillo1975 15 Jun, 2016
I think that the problem is the relationship and communication of Deep Silver with Techland (Dead Island 2 is developed by Sumo Digital). Deep Silver can't give support to this game. Perhaps you can try to contact with Techland...

Last edited by leillo1975 on 15 June 2016 at 4:17 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.
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