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Doom 2016 supports Vulkan and at GDC this year developers from id Software talked a little about it, including how easy a Linux version could have been.

In response to this question from Alon Or-bach (Samsung) around 45:40 in the below video: "One of the hot topics around Vulkan in terms of cross-platform and how much benefit do you find of having one API that's targetting both mobile and desktop platforms".

Dustin Land, a developer at id Software said this in reply:

"So we did Linux dedicated servers for Doom 2016 and a few of us who are Linux heads in the studio decided, let's take it the full way. All we had to do was change the surface that we are creating for the Linux version and it just ran, out of the box and performance was equivalent. Having a small driver actually helps a lot there."

This does beg the question: Why isn't it actually on Linux, if it worked as well as it sounds? Most likely a management decision from someone within id Software or ZeniMax Media. However, it's also possible the developers didn't pitch it of course. We just don't know, either way it's a real shame.

You can see the full video below:

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What are your thoughts? I would absolutely buy a copy of Doom if it was on Linux.

Slightly related, on the topic of Vulkan: In these slides from Khronos Dev Day: The Vulkan Sessions, when showing off games using Vulkan a bunch of them are actually from Feral Interactive. It even includes the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider as well as their previous Linux ports which have Vulkan support. It's pleasing to see Feral get more recognition for their hard work both in terms of Linux gaming and using Vulkan.

Thanks for the tip mirv!

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Leopard 24 Mar, 2018
I would buy it of course!

They're relying on DirectX for sound , input etc. right now , they can switch it to SDL i guess.
bubexel 24 Mar, 2018
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For the same reason that games like quake 3, doom 3, quake 2 and others that already have their own linux client aren't on steam for linux. They do games multiplatform in mind but they dont want release it on linux just for unknown reason.

I have to add also the move on quakelive that was fully compatible on linux and they removed it after a update.

Last edited by bubexel on 24 March 2018 at 11:46 am UTC
nitroflow 24 Mar, 2018
I would buy it for sure.
mirv 24 Mar, 2018
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They do mention somewhere as well that iD's internal renderer is entirely Vulkan now. Even the editors are using it. OpenGL has been removed entirely. That's not to say the editor would work on GNU/Linux of course, but to see that happen in less than 2 years since Vulkan was released - that's quite something.

iD very likely already have source code switching between inputs built in. So at compile time, if it's GNU/Linux it will just use SDL. At a guess.
nitroflow 24 Mar, 2018
Quoting: bubexelFor the same reason that games like quake 3, doom 3, quake 2 and others that already have their own linux client aren't on steam for linux. They do games multiplatform in mind but they dont want release it on linux just for unknown reason.

Because all those were released with unsupported binaries from the start, now old and crusty, and what we have today are third party engines forked from the original source.
Eike 24 Mar, 2018
Am I the only one who wants to draw a vomit smiley on this?
kellerkindt 24 Mar, 2018
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Corben 24 Mar, 2018
Aww man, this is so sad. Especially if it's already done and working. If they don't want to promote it officially, a Linux version in the beta branch would be a possibility. Denuvo is already removed, so please give the Linux version a go!
mirv 24 Mar, 2018
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Quoting: Guestthen release it,excuse after excuse.if it runs so well which i believe it seeing i ran doom 2016 in linux through wine of course and it ran great.just get off your high horse id and release it.

Unfortunately, releasing a commercial game involves more than just thinking a game runs great. Target platforms must be tested against officially, support must be provided, build chains setup, tests integrated, and the list goes on.
Unofficial builds sidestep a lot of these problems - but if you fork out money and the unofficial build doesn't work, the company is well within its rights to offer no refund. But even then, it's a poor image for the company, which might negatively impact sales on the primary platform - so it's better not to offer unofficial builds in the first place.
Then there are the hours spent getting builds setup and out to the public. The developer hours spent doing that might be better spent improving the game for the primary platform (which generally means Windows).

Nothing in there is high horse. It's business risk/reward considerations. Not saying I agree with all of it, but it's also not as clear cut as it might seem at first glance.
omer666 24 Mar, 2018
It is Zenimax which blocks unsupported builds. That's why the "Linux doesn't pay the bill" from Carmack made me laugh at the time.
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