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Obsidian Entertainment Say Linux's Future Is Good With Pillars Of Eternity

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Recently, we accepted an article that quoted Obsidian Entertainment saying Linux wasn't worth it. That same developer now has nicer comments about it all.

Speaking on their official forum he said this (emphasis mine):
QuoteHey, guys. I probably could have chosen my words better than I did. I wasn't trying to upset any of our Linux supporters and I didn't mean to belittle their support. I love all of our backers and I appreciate all of their help.

We basically had to build our Linux infrastructure from scratch on our side. It wasn't something we were used to. It was also painful for us to develop in Linux because the Unity tools didn't support Linux at the time. This meant that we were unable to debug on the platform.

Now that we have gone through the process of creating these builds it is something that will be much easier for us in the future. Pair that with SteamOS, Steam Controller, and Steam Machine and I think Linux's future is good with PoE games.

It's now a little more clear what he meant, but now that Unity does have the tools available maybe it will be easier? If Unity developers are reading, take note, your customers do need the editor on Linux. This is another example of it!

It also seems like another developer is waiting on SteamOS, which isn't surprising. I really hope it works out for us all. Article taken from
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gojul 1 Sep, 2015
Great to see this ! This is much much better !
stan 1 Sep, 2015
What gojul said :). It was a bit saddening to read a mere "linux not worth it".
frostwork 1 Sep, 2015
yeah, sounds much better. in fact I was even a little bit shocked including conspiracy theory and all :}
Avehicle7887 1 Sep, 2015
That's very reassuring of them, thank you Obsidian. Looking forward to more RPG greatness to splurge my money on. :D
Kimyrielle 1 Sep, 2015
Compared to the earlier statement, this makes much more sense now. Everything is more difficult if you do it for the first time. I guess once devs are getting used to Linux, they might even find it's a great platform to develop on and for.
omer666 1 Sep, 2015
As I said earlier, that was the producer talking, which didn't mean much in fact. Now this is a more official statement so to speak, and it only confirms what many others stated about porting being more of a benefit in the long run.

Last edited by omer666 on 1 September 2015 at 8:37 pm UTC
Liam Dawe 1 Sep, 2015
Quoting: omer666As I said earlier, that was the producer talking, which didn't mean much in fact. Now this is a more official statement so to speak, and it only confirms what many others stated about porting being more of a benefit in the long run.

It's the same guy.
SuperTux 2 Sep, 2015
Probably one of those on the spot comments people sometimes make, especially easily to do when you're under the spotlight, unfortunately it makes for an easily used sound bite which generates hits on articles such as which was written by PC Gamer.

Things will be different a year from now I am sure, hopefully Unit 5 will be more mature along with more native Linux tools.

Oh and Steam Machines aren't just for the end user, having pre-built Linux boxes with full manufacturer support makes it easier for businesses, even if the personnel are capable of building them I think a company would rather pay their employees for the job they're hired for, not to spend hours building and configuring off the shelf parts (small indies might be like that, but after a certain size it becomes a pain)

It will be interesting to hear from Richard Garriot and his dev team once they release Shroud of the Avatar on their thoughts too.

Last edited by SuperTux on 2 September 2015 at 12:43 am UTC
ElectricPrism 2 Sep, 2015
I'm glad they clarified their original statement to add illumination. There's very little left to say as they know and we know that Steam Machines will gradually and slowly fortify gaming on linux ^_^ .
PublicNuisance 2 Sep, 2015
Obsidian is one of the few developers I have any type of trust in. Very short list I can count on one hand.
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The comments on this article are closed.