Saints Row 2 & 3 Are Being Ported By Virtual Programming

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With earlier news about another Saints Row game, a member of the community sent word that Virtual Programming have updated their website to include Saints Row 2 & 3 as in development.

We know their ports are still a bit controversial, but after how well they have done recently I think they deserve some pretty high praise. Their recent test-port of Arma 3 for example had beautiful performance, and I still hope it's promoted to a full port with VP.

If you don't remember, they don't port games "natively", but they use what people refer to as a "wrapper". The reason they still get flak as people are rather bitter from the initial port performance of The Witcher 2, but they have been getting better and better, and they are proving themselves.

They state the ports are currently in beta, and so they should be out before too long.

This doesn't really change my thoughts on it, as it's a great way to quickly boost our library, but how do you feel?

This also suggests that Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell will be ported by someone else. Since neither are on VP's website.

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Samsai 9 Oct, 2015
I for one welcome these VP ports. They seem to be working really well on Linux despite the fact that they use wrapper technology. A good wrapper port is always better than a bad native port.
linux_gamer 9 Oct, 2015
Quoting: darkszlufmultiple games, deep silver, short time, i go that's VP eon ports.
Congrats, you got it first.
camoceltic 9 Oct, 2015
I'm a bit disappointed that it isn't Feral or Aspyr, but I do have to admit that they did a (mostly) good job on Bioshock Infinite. I'll give Saints Row 2 a shot since I already own it, but Saints Row 3 is, at most, a maybe right now.
Keyrock 9 Oct, 2015
I mean, I'd much rather have native, but a wrapper port is better than nothing, especially for games that don't work via wine, which Saints Row The Third doesn't, to the best of my knowledge (not sure about SR2). In the end, if it works properly and the performance is good, I'll be happy.
ricki42 9 Oct, 2015
I'm OK with this, I can understand they don't want to do native ports for older games, and VPs ports have been getting pretty good.
I'm wondering about Saints Row 4 though. I think it's using (an iteration of?) the same engine, so if they port that natively, wouldn't it be easier to port 3 natively as well once they've put in the work?
I played Bioshock Infinite on Linux... It was the first time I played that game and I did it for the Playfire Reward.. But I fell in love with that game immediatelly... It runs beautifully with all the settings at maximum on Ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS with a Zotac GTX 960 2GB DDR5, a core i5 4690K (no overclock), 2 x4GB ram 1866 HyperX fury and a Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 5

Now, I'm playing the DRMFREE version of the original Bioshock (the humble bundle edition) on Ubuntu via WINe 1.7.50.. And it runs very well.. After that, Im gonna play the DLC's of Bioshock infinite..
burnall 9 Oct, 2015
It was expected something like that to happen. I mean it makes sense if you want to get them in short time and VP has proved to us, at least to me, what can be done with titles like Arma 3.
edo 9 Oct, 2015
So here goes the chance than saints row 2 could be improved, since this highly unoptimized game is being ported from someone that wont dip in the code to fix the ps3-cpu-related-issues than this game has, I smell performance issues, so I hope to be wrong.
But all the fast activity shown on steamdb only could mean than they were the ones doing the job. Still, its good to have them on Linux.
BillNyeTheBlackGuy 9 Oct, 2015
I really hope the SR2 port doesn't suck. I can't get the game to run on windows at all. How in the world are they going to make a wrapper version of that game work?
Keyrock 9 Oct, 2015
Kind of makes me think VP are doing SR4 and Gat Out of Hell too. It would be weird for someone else to port those games given that they run on the same engine as SR3 and even reuse many of the same assets.
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The comments on this article are closed.