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The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk [Official Site] is a follow-up to the previous adventure game The Inner World, but you don't need to play the first one to enjoy it. Like the previous game, it will support Linux. I've had that confirmed by the publisher Headup Games directly over email.

I was sent some screenshots to share, and it looks gorgeous:

It will release sometime in mid-2017, with no clearer release date given to me yet.

The game will feature:
- Experience the fun and moving sequel to “The Inner World” (you don’t need to know the first part!). Save the flute noses from persecution and evil Emil!
- Hours of fun brainteasers await you: find the last wind monk, cause trouble in a tumble mouse factory, play with Uncle Oboe for some toilet paper in prison, help a desperate Bingo-Pony become happy once again, bring the adorable baby gorf back home and save Asposia! Again!
- Navigate Robert and Laura, those charming Asposians, through the game. And now you can even operate the nutty pigeon, Peck.
- There are new sites for you to discover! Including the topsy-turvy airport “Asposia Central”, the quirky tumble mouse farmers and the mysterious Shovel Mountains.
- Practice new songs on your magic flute nose and activate ancient artefacts.
- Beautiful hand-drawn adventure for people quick on the draw.
- Hilarious dialogues in awesome sound quality.
- The Asposian puzzle help: Provides you with hints when you’re as clueless as Robert – completely spoiler-free of course. Article taken from
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Arehandoro 17 Feb, 2017
Always keen and happy to play more graphic adventures! Specially if they look good as this one.
Eike 17 Feb, 2017
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It looks interesting, and I wonder if I should buy the first one, but there are quite some complaints about the Linux version:

Any infos about this?

Last edited by Eike on 17 February 2017 at 11:27 am UTC
Pit 17 Feb, 2017
I do have the DRM-free Humble version. I don't have the issues reported on steam (i.e., I do see cutscenes, have sound), except for the missing full-screen. I can maximize the window though, which is almost as good. And yes, menu is only accessible using TAB.
minego 17 Feb, 2017
I was never able to play the first one because the cutscenes do not play on Linux. This was reported by many people yet I never saw an update that addressed it.

Releasing a game on Linux requires a bit more effort than making sure it starts.
hatniX 17 Feb, 2017
The first one is an Adobe AIR application. So of course there are issues with the Linux version. ;) I played the Windows version of the first game via Wine and had no problems at all. If you like point & click adventures, then you definetely should play the first game.
Pit 17 Feb, 2017
Quoting: hatniXThe first one is an Adobe AIR application.

Nope, the Linux version is Java.

QuoteIf you like point & click adventures, then you definetely should play the first game.

In that point we do agree :D
Plintslîcho 17 Feb, 2017
Quoting: minegoReleasing a game on Linux requires a bit more effort than making sure it starts.


I really hope they try harder this time. As others have already mentioned, the DRM free version of the game is unplayable and has never been fixed.

Playing the Windows version through wine wasn't an alternative for me either because the movement of the character was too slow (compared to its movement speed on Windows).

The game is beautiful though and the characters charming and funny. Music and voice acting are fantastic as well and altogether it's an outstanding adventure game. If they manage to release a proper Linux version of The Last Wind Monk I'd buy it without hesitation.
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The comments on this article are closed.