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The Latest Steam Hardware Survey Shows Very Little Difference

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As usual Steam has produced their monthly hardware survey, and also as usual there is hardly any change across the platforms.

September 2015
Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 64 bit 0.22% +0.10%
Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit 0.18% +0.01%
Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela 64 bit 0.10% +0.01%
Linux 64 bit 0.08% 0.00%

Total: 0.94% +0.02%

Another month of nothing new to report, the changes are so small it could be statistical errors.

I am still very much hoping Steam Machines change this, but I have no idea how they plan to show a survey on SteamOS. They haven't talked about it anywhere I've been watching, so December will be interesting to see November's statistics and see if there's any change from the start of Steam Machines shipping. Article taken from
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GustyGhost 2 Oct, 2015
Steam Machines should launch with a little over 1600 titles available. If they eventually end up selling well at the conventional retail avenues as traditional consoles, such as Walmart and PeasantStop™, they can be considered at least moderately successful.
Mountain Man 2 Oct, 2015
Well, this is depressing, although I'm still convinced the survey is deeply flawed. What's even more disheartening is that I see some developers citing the survey as a reason why they won't support Linux even though actual game sales on Linux are between 2% to 5%.
slaapliedje 2 Oct, 2015
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I've still as yet gotten asked to do the survey on Linux. I've gotten it on Windows once, and didn't actually take it because I'm rarely in Windows. One would think they'd try to even out those who take it.

Beamboom 3 Oct, 2015
slaapliedjeI've still as yet gotten asked to do the survey on Linux.

I've gotten it a few times on Linux. It's probably just coincidence.
lucifertdark 3 Oct, 2015
I got the survey for the first time in over a year on Linux last month, I've had it on Windows at least 5 times in the same period. These numbers actually mean nothing because they're still not accurate enough, they need to do a complete inventory instead of a small sample. Send the survey to every Steam user all at once.
minj 3 Oct, 2015
Here's a conspiracy theory for you: Valve are keeping the numbers down to artificially increase the effect of launching Steam machines. Alright, alright, that's probably just wishful thinking.
Crazy Penguin 3 Oct, 2015
You and your percentage. I don't know what you expect.

A shift of 1% would mean that 1,25 Million Users jump on the Linux-Bandwagon, which is kinda unrealistic.

@minj. I hope that is what Valve is doing too. As I have seen the survey for Linux only once this year, and on Windows it pops up every month!
burnall 3 Oct, 2015
I've got it only once about 3 months ago and thats it. Also I haven't been on Windows for a quite a long time now, nor ever used Steam on it.
Johannes 3 Oct, 2015
I was sometimes trying to feel sorry for Microsoft, as they are very rapidly becoming a dinosaur about to go extinct in every avenue except gaming, but when they released Windows 10 all my sympathies disappeared. Any company that behaves like that deserves extinction. Linux might "only" hold 1 - 2% of the gaming market, but that is a very very minor part of all the billions of computers all around the world and in every corner of our lives that runs Linux. Everything from large clusters for research to the ISS, Raspberry Pi to smart TVs, smart phones to google search engine, etc etc.....

Microsoft was to content with themselves in the late 90ies. Today they are only a small niche OS for gaming and Office-productivity. Someday we will all laugh at them like an old slightly embarrassing joke. "Dad? Did you really run Windows Vista on your computer??" And I will blush slightly and tell a lie. "No my son, I did not. I am a socially responsible person, of course I did not support a company that irresponsible".

Nyamiou 3 Oct, 2015
I've just restarted my PC by accident (walked on the power plug) and got the survey, the survey only appear when Steam start so if like me you rarely restart your computer and you never stop Steam it's not going to appear often. Also you need to be an active user to have the survey, so if you haven't played much don't expect to have a chance.
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