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Update 04/10/16: Valve have adjusted their numbers, it seems the correct amount is now
Linux Total: 0.93% + 0.10%
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 64 bit 0.34% + 0.06%
Linux 64 bit 0.10% + 0.01%
Linux Mint 18 Sarah 64 bit 0.08% + 0.02%
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS 64 bit 0.06% + 0.06%

Original article below:
Another month goes by and another Steam Hardware Survey was done, I got a pop up this month and it seems we have increased our share two months in a row on Steam.

Linux Total: 0.94% + 0.11%
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 64 bit 0.35% + 0.07%
Linux 64 bit 0.10% + 0.01%
Linux Mint 18 Sarah 64 bit 0.08% + 0.02%
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS 64 bit 0.06% + 0.06%

Someone in the comments a while ago suggested that the free Windows 10 update was causing the figures to slide on the Linux side. I am starting to agree with this, as a change of OS and/or a change of hardware are two things that can actually trigger the survey. I have seen this myself multiple times when I hop from one thing to another. Once that stopped, we've seen two months in a row of growth, although last month was smaller in comparison we shouldn't expect this to carry on for long.

It seems our higher result was due to Windows losing -0.33%, Mac gained the rest at +0.25%. Windows 10 64 bit currently being the most popular OS in use on Steam.

This could all still change again next month, so it's nothing to truly go and celebrate over. Still small percentages being talked about and yes it could all be down to statistical errors which is my point about not running off celebrating just yet, before people complain I'm being too positive or not looking into it enough (people moaned at me for last time, happy to act on the feedback).

One thing was different this month, the survey specifically asked me if I was using the little dock for the Steam Controller Dongle. Article taken from
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Naib 2 Oct, 2016
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  • Supporter Plus
Well early reports is that Win10 is losing "market share" could be a statistical anomaly ... would need to wait till next month to really see if there is a hint of a trend

The steam survey sort of lines up with this as well

Windows 10 64 bit 47.48% +0.04%
Windows 10 1.42% -0.09%

thats a net loss of 0.05% tiny and maybe a one off
kalin 2 Oct, 2016
win10 is crap. its normal to losing market share
Ehvis 2 Oct, 2016
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I don't think the crap part will stop Win10 from growing. It didn't stop Windows as a whole.

A lot of interesting statistics also appear when you start filtering. Linux users appear to run the most powerful hardware on average. Pretty much half of the Mac users run on Intel integrated GPUs. That puts the Mac percentages in perspective and shows why Linux is interesting to Mac porters like Feral and Aspyr.
valgusk 2 Oct, 2016
The reason is: I finally got a survey on my Linux :D

Last edited by valgusk on 2 October 2016 at 9:41 am UTC
MaCroX95 2 Oct, 2016
I've got the survey for the first time last month as well... and on the long-run I don't see windows 10 not being adopted in advance due to the Microsoft's huge investments in it's promotion, however what is important is that Linux community is slowly and steadily growing and that 48% of marketshare who still use Windows 7 did not choose to upgrade to Windows 10 which could mean a great increase of Linux marketshare (Mac a bit unlikely due to the overpriced nature of their products) by the years of 2020 (when official support for Windows 7 ends)... I mean if they did not upgrade for free why would they pay to upgrade later? I think that the fact that win7 is still mostly used version of windows indicates that Windows 10 will have hard time bringing their users to upgrade unless they change something, however it's unlikely I believe because it's just what Microsoft has become in last years.

On the other hand what we really should celebrate is our freedom and number of ports and also new releases brought to us by Feral and similar awesome companies! :D
slightlysinister69 2 Oct, 2016
I think the last Windows 10 update probably helped as it seems to have broken a lot of installations.
neowiz73 2 Oct, 2016
at least it does show the overall growth of mac and linux vs windows. although tiny numbers at least it's a positive. hope to see one day entire percentage points, even a 1 to 2% jump would be amazing.
Tchey 2 Oct, 2016
First Steam survey in ages, a few days ago.
lucifertdark 2 Oct, 2016
So 0.11% of the users who got the survey are using Linux, it's still not an accurate representation of the Linux user base, send it out to every Steam user at the same time & you'll see the truth.

I want it sent to everyone at the same time.
minj 2 Oct, 2016
Steam survey is crap. Even if it weren't such marginal changes are meaningless. I've been arguing to stop reporting on it for a while now.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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