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Wine Staging updated, allows you to play DOOM on Linux

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Wine Staging [Official Site, Github], the testing area for future Wine releases has been updated today and it pulls in some patches that allow DOOM to actually run with Wine on Linux.

Wine Staging is highly experimental, use at your own peril.

I don't recommend buying Doom, since it is a Windows game, but it's good to know you have options available. If this becomes a way for dual-booters to stay on Linux more, then that's great.

What's going on?
The new DOOM game previously used Denuvo in the final release, which was one of the blockers for getting it working in Wine. The developers have now removed Denuvo, making this possible. Additional patches were needed, which a developer put up a few days ago, but now it's in Wine Staging itself.

In their latest news the Wine Staging said this today:
QuoteWine Staging 2.0-rc2 implements everything necessary to get DOOM (2016) running. Feel free to play around with the different features like Vulkan support and report remaining issues in the bug tracker.

You can find the install instructions here. Article taken from
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SystemShock 21 Dec, 2016
These are great News !

Is it possible now to save a Game and keep the savegame after a Restart of Doom2016 ?
I'm not talking about check or waypoints.
MaCroX95 21 Dec, 2016
This clearly shows the power of Vulkan, it also shows on how Bethesda is screwing around with us since it works perfectly fine over Wine with comparable performance to Windows and it would take them no effort to bring it to linux.
fabry92 21 Dec, 2016
I buy it. Not full price but from keyseller. (Don't want full support them without a native port). Untill performance are the same between Windows and Linux is fine for me play with wine. thx vulkan.

Last edited by fabry92 on 21 December 2016 at 9:27 pm UTC
MisterK 21 Dec, 2016
Check out this video that is showing the game run in Wine with Vulkan enabled:

More Wine/ Vulkan performance videos: (openSUSE 42.2 vs Windows 8.1)


Last edited by MisterK on 21 December 2016 at 10:22 pm UTC
LinuxGamesTV 21 Dec, 2016
I don't buy it, because it's Windows only and i boycott Bethesda by reason of the Region Locks on the both last Wolfensteins.
Ehvis 21 Dec, 2016
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Normally, if I want to play something using one, it would be old enough to pick up a boxed version in a yard sale or something. This way I wouldn't be sponsoring non-Linux development. I'm not this game even has a boxed version, so out of luck on this one.
Adinimys 21 Dec, 2016
I might be dreaming but could it help Bethesda realise that a port would be interesting for them ?
apocalyptech 21 Dec, 2016
Whoa! I am quite excited about this, though I wonder about this note from the patch's github:

QuoteShortly after loading the game is going online to obtain auth tickets from and intialize your saved profiles. At this point it will hang on the red screen (still trying to figure out why it's doing so). The only way to prevent it from hanging is to disallow the game to initialize the auth ticket and stuff. Which means:

    settings won't save between game restarts
    no save games (checkpoints are okay while the game is still running)
    no multiplayer

To prevent it from hanging you can edit /etc/hosts and add this lines:

+set devMode_enable 1 won't help because it still communicates with bethesda servers, but will allow you to open all maps. (it was useful in a previous version of the patch with a bug in it which i've never posted)

... Does the new Doom title really only support "cloud"-based settings and savegames? Super lame if so...
pb 21 Dec, 2016
Nice, I'll be buying as soon as it officially comes to Linux.
sr_ls_boy 21 Dec, 2016
Quoting: SystemShockThese are great News !

Is it possible now to save a Game and keep the savegame after a Restart of Doom2016 ?
I'm not talking about check or waypoints.

Just leave the steam client in offline mode and your profile
will be saved locally instead. No multiplayer yet.
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The comments on this article are closed.