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MisterPaytwick Nov 24, 2015

Patrick, 23, from France. Gaming since a while (GTA I was pretty cool for a 7yo boy, Atari Jaguar and ST being our gaming devices for years), since steam Beta I've finally throw out the window my last windows OS. Now I only use a good Linux that I enjoy and rice when I'm bored. I buy too many games and play too little nonDota2. I run an Arch and I try to do 3D stuff. Maybe something is coming.

King Kadelfek Dec 10, 2015
I'm relatively new to Linux gaming, but of course I spent a long time playing games. And also making games, since 2004.
I encountered more and more people interested by both games and robots telling me that they would love to see more games on Linux, so here I am.
I am 29 years old and from France.

By the way, I remember playing a Linux game years ago, a 3D iso fallout inspired game with Tux as hero. If someone remembers what it is, I'm interested.
coryrj19951 Dec 10, 2015
Quoting: King KadelfekBy the way, I remember playing a Linux game years ago, a 3D iso fallout inspired game with Tux as hero. If someone remembers what it is, I'm interested.

Welcome to gamingonlinux! would the game your thinking of be Freedroid RPG? I remember playing this for hours at a time :P
King Kadelfek Dec 11, 2015
Quoting: coryrj19951would the game your thinking of be Freedroid RPG? I remember playing this for hours at a time :P
Yes, it's Freedroid RPG. Thanks for the name. :D

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Homepcgamer Dec 17, 2015
Hi all

Another one that isnt good with self introductions...

I'm a PC passionate spanish guy playing PC games from 20 years ago. I'm a PC technician too and assembling gaming rigs from... well... from 20 years ago.
I started to play with windows systems until I started to work with Linux/Ubuntu in my day to day job, 3 years ago... more or less.

I discovered Ubuntu as linux gaming... and a few months later Steam launched their linux client... and till now. Im playing with Ubuntu and SteamOS, and Windows for some titles.

I have been here in GOL for a while and now I decided to register me here.

And that's all, folks.

Salute all
bullfrog Dec 28, 2015
My turn I guess... Hello Folks!
Italian guy here, played around computers since I was 3yo (dad is an electronic engineer)... grew from my C64 all the way to where I am now. Discovered the Penguin in the 90s, while I was in high school, and thought I would never need anything else... except that I'm a big gamer and in those days you could only go that far playing Abuse over and over again :)

Fast forward to today... I'm a professional IT manager, I have been living in 5 different countries in 2 continents and Linux is still my primary platform for work AND play (have to give it to Valve for having helped with the push).
I've recently upgraded my rig and I've still to install my winbug partition which I usually keep for playing games still refusing to run properly under Wine. I guess the backlog of Linux native games I have now is more than enough to keep me busy!

Anyway, after long time lurking on these pages, stopped by to say hello to all the likeminded people here! :)

Peace out!
ertuqueque Feb 2, 2016
Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I've been following this site (Twitter) and reading articles for about 4 months now and I can say that is by far the best site for Linux news and games I've found... I stopped following Phoronix for the crappy, clickbait news that Michael started posting in the last year or so... Not to mention that I REALLY HATE sites that insist on capitalizing every word in a news title or tweet. That only hurts readability... I'm really happy with every little thing in GOL. Keep the great content coming!... Maybe in the future I'll have some time or resources to contribute to this site... Anyway, thanks!
TechnoNecro Feb 24, 2016
I'm just another PC guy, I started becoming pro Linux partially because of Valve. I thought Steam Machines and Linux gaming where stupid at first and would never ever happen but I'm starting to believe it more. The amount of Linux games and support for PC Gaming has drastically increased over 2 years. I am so impressed by Valve, I actually believe in a couple of years Linux gaming would make a great alternative to windows gaming. It is actually pushing Microsoft to take PC gaming more seriously and not for granted.
Ivancillo Feb 25, 2016
Quoting: GuestHey people, how are you doing?

Quoting: ertuquequeHey, I just wanted to introduce myself

Another reptile fellows at forums!

Kamillus Apr 16, 2016
my name is Kamil aka Kamillus. I live in Poland and have been a Linux addict since Ubuntu 6.06
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