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Daerandin 4 Dec, 2016
Hello everyone. I have known about this forum for quite some time, but never registered here before now. I am a 32 year old guy who do a bit of hobby programming when I have free time, and play a lot of games. I am currently employed full time as Teamleader in a distribution center, while also having recently started on a bachelor's degree in informatics. So yeah, I don't have much free time these days.

I enjoy a wide variety of games, and I have a strong passion for gaming and Linux. I have been running Arch Linux for several years, and am a happy user of i3 as my window manager. I also have Debian installed on dual boot, primarily since I run the testing repos in Arch and could end up with an unbootable system in rare circumstances.

My system is a laptop, because I like to be able to bring my system with me easily no matter where I go.

When not running native games (or older games in DosBox), I primarily use PlayOnLinux since I prefer to select the Wine version myself instead of the system wine version. There have been cases where the newest wine version does not work with certain games, and I need my games to be working at all times. I rarely play multiplayer, and if I do it is almost exclusively coop type games.

I have two primary places where I buy games, Steam and GOG. I absolutely love GOG for their strict no-DRM policy.

I hope to get to know you guys here, and contribute and participate when I have the time.
war4head 8 Dec, 2016
Hi, I'm Ivan start to use Linux 2003 for fun, but now using Linux in any IT section. Love to play games in free time on Linux
Strykai 22 Dec, 2016
Hi, I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd finally register as this is a great place for Linux gaming info! Cheers!
Joeyboots80 1 Jan, 2017
I have been on this site for some months now, and I had forgotten to introduce myself when I first joined. My name is Joe and you may call me Joe, Joey, or Boots if you like. I am a former windows user turned Linux user. I have been using Linux seriously for 3 years now and finally nuked my dual-boot partition last year and swore off windows for good. This is my home now and I want to say I am thrilled to be part of such a brilliant community. Much love to all of you, my new extended family. :)
Aro 18 Jan, 2017
Hi everyone.
After following GOL for a long time on twitter and some tweets with liam I thought it is time to register on this page.
Also I can now finally really enjoy gaming on linux because getting a 144 Hz Monitor fixed the obscure tearing I had in games.
About me: I am an IT-Student, programming mainly in Java and teached myself phyton last summer.
I'm using Arch with the budgie desktop on both, laptop and Desktop and i play mostly RocketLeague and DotA2 + different indie titles on my weaker laptop.

Wish you a good 2017.
ZekThePenguin 18 Jan, 2017
I'm Zek the Penguin. Used to be known only as Zek, then I converted to Linux and friends noticed my desktop always had a penguin on it... Now I call all Linux users penguins. lol
Tried out Puppy Linux in 2009 to revive an old laptop and was blown away by how fast it! Then I was blown away by how I could change EVERYTHING about my desktop in the span of a few minutes! Low spec capability brought me in, but freedom converted me to a full-time Linux user!
Now I use Solus mostly. I keep a live USB with Puppy. I write stories, record music, watch movies and TV, and play games on Linux.
On Steam, I tend to stick to Linux games that run on lower-end hardware and support controllers. Outside of Steam, I play Minetest and Battle for Wesnoth. That's about all I have time for right now.
Sid1453 20 Jan, 2017
im sid frome cyprus.sid is using linux mint 1 years now cuz windows Business policy is sucks sick....

i now that was short but we can talk later:)
bent 20 Jan, 2017
Hey all! Just found this site a few days ago. Long time Linux user (redhat 5'ish days) and after years of distro hopping I settled on Debian Jessie. I do network security and compliance consulting for a living. Huge proponent of Linux, OSS, and the hope one day more parts of society and business will become more "Open" and collaborative.

Long time gamer and have done networking and power management for many 200+ person LAN's over the last 15 years. Love games like Civilization (woo civ6 coming to linux soon!!), TF2, CS:GO, and nethack. Trying to get into coding but pretty junior at the moment.

You'll find me on freenode with the same nickname. Cheers!
leafo 21 Jan, 2017
Hello. Nice to meet you all. I'm surprised I haven't registered here sooner. My name is Leaf, I founded the website I've been a full time linux user for the past 8 years. I do all my developer on linux, and when I play games I try to do it on linux if possible. I use archlinux everywhere, from servers to desktops/laptops. I also like to write and record music, which I do all in linux. I'm a big fan of the programming language lua, and I use the awesome window manager.

Glad to have an account here.
Lightkey 21 Jan, 2017
Moin Moing,
I'm living on IRC, so this introduction is a few years late.
Been a Linux gamer since almost 20 years now, intermittently writing for Holarse, The Linux Game Tome, and LinuxGames.
I'm more interested in the development and history of games than actually playing them, still trying to get all achievements in FTL – Faster Than Light after a few hundred hours and sad that nobody plays TetriNET anymore.
Ciao, Fabio
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