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What Linux kernel for gaming?
Leeo97one 25 Jan, 2017

Hay people!

I was wondering if there is any Linux kernel (like Zen or Liquorix) that could be great for gaming? Or if the vanilla kernel is already OK?

oldrocker99 25 Jan, 2017

The vanilla kernel has always worked for me, FWIW.

Leeo97one 25 Jan, 2017

Yeah, I know it works but perhaps another kernel can achieve more performance or something?

stan 25 Jan, 2017

I haven’t tried any special kernel either, but I believe the results are likely to depend on your processor anyway so you should Just Try It ;). Another thing to look at are cpufreq and intel_pstate settings, and compositor settings.

wolfyrion 25 Jan, 2017

I have tried so far ck-kernel and I can say that it was even worst than the stocked kernel.(I have tested it while they jumped to MuQSS CPU Scheduler so maybe now performs much better)
Gaming optimization,NEW Drivers & Vulkan API maybe improve FPS in some games and thats all.if your CPU is not a bottleneck and you have an I5 or I7 processor the only thing that will increase your FPS is a better graphic card.
Overclocking your CPU will not make much of a difference.

g000h 25 Jan, 2017

Ah, the "good old days"...

make menuconfig; make dep; make clean; make bzImage; make modules

libgradev 4 Feb, 2017

Arch has plenty of 3rd party "optimized" ones... Generally though, I wouldn't bother.

Xpander 4 Feb, 2017

i have tried many and the differences are so small/if at all that its not worth the hassle.

Leeo97one 4 Feb, 2017

OK, thanks for all your answers! So it seems like there is no really kernel for a significantly better gaming experience.

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