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New Desktop Screenshot Thread
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trawz 14 Jul, 2018

My Arch i3 setup with polybar and wal.

MaCroX95 23 Jul, 2018

Here's my current setup, nothing special

PopOS 18.04 with a few tweaks

Hamish 6 Aug, 2018

Some abstract honeycombs for August:

Avehicle7887 14 Aug, 2018

Wang-ed Desktop, I normally prefer old FPS games over modern ones, but this one truly got me hooked :-)

Icon Set:

Spud13y 18 Aug, 2018

New setup. Nothing special.

slavezeo 27 Aug, 2018

The Halloween date info is a conky script I put together. I've been using it for years to get hyped for the holiday!

hummer010 30 Aug, 2018

Avehicle7887 30 Aug, 2018

My new favorite game is now also part of my desktop.

Xpander 11 Sep, 2018

skyrrd 11 Sep, 2018

Was toying around with kde for some weeks, now i'm giving xfce4 a new try (used to love it before switching to my main de Gnome3)
You see, i kind of need my regular shuffle ;)

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